A Bouquet Of Poems (An Anthology of Translated Poems) Translation:By Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

A Bouquet Of Poems

(An Anthology of Translated Poems)



By Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

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Dedicated to Dr. Zhang Zhi President of the International Poetry Translation and Research Centre China who encouraged and supervised me in translating and compiling the Anthology.

Muhammad Shanazar



  1. After The Tempest
  2. After You Had Gone
  3. An Effort
  4. An Imprisoned Fiction
  5. Another Poem Of Love
  6. An Urge Of A Wave
  7. A Dialogue To Immanuel Kants
  8. A Prophecy
  9. A Shoulder I Need
  10. A Song
  11. A Song Of The Lost Generations
  12. A Stranger In The City Of Spell
  13. A Substitute
  14. A Tale
  15. Burn The Dreams
  16. Curiosity Thy Name Is Ugliness
  17. Cuscuta
  18. Empty Hands
  19. Flood
  20. Fondness For Destination
  21. Future
  22. In The Perspective Of Tsunami
  23. I Married
  24. Let The Sun Arise A Bit
  25. Light
  26. Millennium To Millennium
  27. O! God
  28. O! Judges Of The World
  29. O! People Hear Me
  30. Peace Was A Dream
  31. Poems Are The Sparrows
  32. Spectacle Of The New World
  33. Still Life
  34. There Exists Someone Around
  35. The Birds Do Not Stopover Now
  36. The Clarion Call
  37. The Heart Whispered
  38. The Lamp And The Heart
  39. The Last Eve In the Metropolis
  40. The Last Piece Of The Twentieth Century
  41. The Murder Of Shade
  42. The Prisoner
  43. The Prolonged Noons of Loneliness
  44. The Rain Of Memories
  45. The Season
  46. The Son
  47. The Time Train
  48. The Trade Of Loss
  49. To The Eid Crescent
  50. True Kingdom
  51. Under The Tree Of Pangs
  52. Vessel Of The Heart
  53. What Kind Of Folk We Are
  54. Who Knows When The Eve Befalls
  55. You Are My Dream
  56. You Enjoy Yourself Immunity

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