Albanian Author and Literary Critic






Every Day


I purchased early the morning paper
the cat is dancing with her tail
her unique friend is a human
I wait for a missing voice
she sits above my knees
We both graze words with our nails
until every day is dissolved.


Everyone escapes after their own steps
We swallow the final anxiety
the night washes the face with light
and then opens the closed window
I am going crazy from poetical expressions
in the theater verses of the desperate
are narrated on the evenings to the joyful
the voice trespasses the fence of nights and comes back
to deeply own the souls of days
while begging in the flashing silence
while waiting for the nostalgia of the unspoken…




Second Identity…


I go around
in the marsh of identity
my five receptors
just like a paradise of happiness
your ten fingers
irrationally free
am waiting to see
the beauties of life
that always caress
one face.

Just like a Gordian noose
it moves the sorrows by itself
I wait the second Identity
and unable to hate
in this infinite world
only my soul knows
that I am resentful with love…







I swallowed in the air
all your body
until I lost
the rhythm of breadth
I felt the aroma of a mountain
taste of sand and fields
from hearts leaves
soft like silk
a burned flower of mourning

Life like a woman’s face
painted with a smile
stamped very deep
with the red lipstick
a recently lit charcoal
galactic greatness
peace born in sunrise.
The World is yours
when men’s heart
is fed with love
appears on eyes of light
ripping the wind’s shirt
touches soft limbs
outside of a rainy storm.

I have planted in blood
your body with a Sun
Death won’t find you there
you will be sitting at the entrance
of an ancient castle
or will speak with all lives
I embrace your chest
Today I will vacate myself
Inside your body…







In the shores of wind and waves
burned up in depth
sleeves whitened from salt
I screamed from the light
waves embraced one another
they were antenna of sweet water
an illuminating bi-color light bulb.


Eyebrows are painted with foam
the voice escapes far away through days
blue sky swallows my breast
Every time I lay down below you
I lick salt and water drops
forget about the concept of time
OH, …the sea brings me closer to myself
but I am looking for his heart
because it connects me with Earth…







When the prayer time begins
the word is wetted inside us
evenings are lost at a dawn
and arrive with a spring climate

To pardon those who were not pardoned
just like minutes are pardoned by seconds
after swamped in tic-tac


Let’s stop thinking for today
let’s sit on the steps of dream
number the sunny days
and both dance in a few paths
Let anxiety outside to die
in the square of solitude the sun rays
have melted the freezing ice
We go towards the air of the voice
our infinite marvel
a kingdom of souls in a universe…


POEZI, ME NDJENJA KOMBËTARE SHQIPTARE / nga Prof Murat Gecaj ( Drita Nikoliqi-Binaj: Përuron vëllimin “Si ta pagëzoj heshtjen”)

  POEZI, ME NDJENJA KOMBËTARE SHQIPTARE Drita Nikoliqi-Binaj: Përuron vëllimin “Si ta pagëzoj heshtjen”   Nga: Prof. Murat Gecajpublicist e studiues-Tiranë “Jemi të lumtur vetëm në lartësi,/ sepse atje për fundërrina konak nuk ka./ Unë jam stuhi ,/ erë e fuqishme … Continue reading

Halil Jaçellari

           Halil  Jaçellari   Halil Jaçellari (14 korrik1940 – 23 tetor 2009) ishte një tregimtar, romancier, poet dhe publicist Shqiptar. Lindur në Lushnje në mesin e luftës dyte botërore, dhe rritur në Shqipërinë e izoluar nga një nga diktaturat më të egra komuniste. Jeta dhe … Continue reading

Sami Gjoka

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