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Hélène was born in Paris of a Greek & Irish mother and Spanish father and raised all over Europe. She has lived in Geneva, London, Cambridge, Llandudno, Wales, Monte-Carlo, Bremen, Tarragona, Paris, New York City and Los Angeles, and travels extensively. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, German, Greek and Italian. She studied English Philology and Literature in Cambridge, England; Spanish at the International Universities of Santander and Baeza, Spain; and German at the Goethe Institute in Bremen, Germany. She graduated from the Music Conservatory in Geneva with the 2nd prize in piano and studied asunder Maître Sancan at the Salle Pleyel in Paris. She also trained as a dancer in Geneva, Paris and New York. She attended Hamilton College, New York, where she was also assistant professor of French and Spanish. She received her Master’s in American Literature from the Sorbonne, Paris, where she wrote her thesis on Henry James. She has worked as a translator/interpreter for the Canadian Embassy, the French Chamber of Commerce and as a translator and language coach for the film and music industry.







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Dreaming My Animal Selves / Le Songe de mes Âmes Animales

HÉLÈNE CARDONA (Bilingual Collection in French and English)

Dreaming My Animal Selves is an intriguingly surreal journey through myth, legend, fantasy, and
more – all guided by a shape-shifting narrator searching far and wide for cosmic unity within the
discontinuous landscape of dream and the dreamy, fragmented quality of the everyday world.
The dual-language text works to heighten the narrator’s shifting perceptions, symbol by symbol, vision by vision.

Dreaming My Animal Selves on Salmon Poetry

Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry, 2013) on Amazon




The Astonished Universe, an uplifting  and luminous book of poetry about  consciousness, is the first bilingual edition  in English and French from Red Hen Press.


The Astonished Universe (Red Hen Press, 2006)

Life In Suspension (forthcoming from Tupelo Press)



Literary Journals

Her poems have appeared in The Dublin Review of Books, The Irish Literary Times, The Warwick Review, Washington Square, The Enchanting Literary Verses, Recours au Poème, Levure Littéraire, Radical Magazine, The Los Angeles Review, Mythic Passages, The American Center for Artists, Askew Poetry Journal, Barnwood Mag, Spillway, Pirene’s Fountain, Mediterranean Poetry, qarrtsiluni, Maintenant 5: A Dada Poetry Journal, Saint Julian Press, TRHUSH Poetry Journal, From the Fishouse, Maintenant 6, Poetry International, The Lascaux Review and The Passionate Transitory, The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology, Writer’s Digest, Knizevno Ziitie (Makavej Publishing, Skopje), Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature, Speechless the Magazine, Periódico de Poesía, East West: A Poetry Annual, Asian Signature, Beetroot Journal and World Literature Today.




From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anaïs Nin (Sybaritic Press, 2013)

For Rhino in a Shrinking World (Poets Printery, 2013)

The Blue Max Review (Rebel Poetry 2012)

Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology (Salmon Poetry, 2011)

Illuminations: Expressions of the Spiritual Experience (Celestial Arts, 2006)


Hélène translated the Lawrence Bridges film Muse of Fire for the NEA and has received grants from the Durfee Foundation and the French Cultural Services of Los Angeles.

She also translated What We Carry by Dorianne Laux, poems by Eloise Klein Healy, Sholeh Wolpe and John FitzGerald, and the poetry of her father José Manuel Cardona, Arthur Rimbaud, Charles Baudelaire, Aloysius Bertrand, Jacques Crickillon and Jean-Claude Renard. She has taught at the École Active Bilingue in Paris and at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She has been guest lecturer at Brown University and U.C. Irvine, featured poetry reader at the L.A. Times Festival of Books and on national radio.




Fellowships from the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía and the Goethe-Institut.

Full scholarship, Hamilton College.

Dreaming My Animal Selves wins the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Bilingual Poetry Book.

“Strength” (published in the anthology From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anais Nin) is nominated for a 2014 Pushcart.

“Dreaming My Animal Selves” wins an honorable mention at the Great Midwest Book Festival 2013.

“Alchemical Gardens I’ve Planted” was a finalist in the Writer’s Digest GWAWDODYN form challenge 2013.

“Quiescent Infinite” was nominated for Best of the Net 2013 by The Lascaux Review.

“From the Heart With Grace” was nominated for Best of the Net 2012 and for the 2012 Pushcart Prize.

“Parallel Keys” was the Editor’s Choice in The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Issue XVI, July 2012.

Member of the National Foreign Language Honor Society.


Acting Career


A graduate of The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, Hélène also trained with Ellen Burstyn at the Actors’ Studio, and with Sandra Seacat, Sondra Lee and Susan Batson.

In Los Angeles she trained with Margie Haber, Penny Allen, Melissa Skoff, Tim Crouch at the Odyssey Theatre, Larry Moss, Cynthia Songe, Ned Lott and Terry Berland.

She performed the lead in plays at the Actors’ Studio, The Players’ Club, UBU Theatre Rep. and The Naked Angels in New York City.

Hélène played Françoise ‘Fuffi’ Drou in Lasse Hallström’s CHOCOLAT and Candy Heskin in Lawrence Kasdan’s MUMFORD, as well as roles on LAW & ORDER, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, Campbell Scott’s FINAL, BILLBOARD DAD, and many more.

Hélène just shot the leads Grace in Lunch Break and Dr. White in The Necklace, both directed by Gabriel Schmidt.

She just finished shooting the lead (Margot) in Monica Tidwell’s A Bedtime Story, Emmanuel Itier’s FEMME: Women Healing the World, and Boris Acosta’s Dante’s Inferno Documented, Dante’s Purgatorio Documented andDante’s Paradiso Documented.

She recently completed filming the role of Mrs. Russell opposite John Heard and Cindy Williams in Megan Johnson’s movie STEALING ROSES.

Her voice credits include Happy Feet 2, The Muppets, Hereafter, Inception, The A-Team, Knight and Day, Robin Hood, Inglourious Basterds, The Painted Veil, The Interpreter, The Bourne Supremacy, The Terminal, The Pink Panther and many others.

For SERENDIPITY, she co-wrote with director Peter Chelsom and composer Alan Silvestri the song ‘Lucienne’, which she also sang.

Her father is the renowned poet José Manuel Cardona from Ibiza. Hélène translated his long poem Desde el Ponto Euxino (From the Euxine Sea), from his anthology El Bosque de Birnam.

Hélène is an advanced equestrian, dancer, dream analyst, astrologer and yoga practitioner.

Member of BAFTA, SAG & AFTRA

Member of PEN USA, PEN American Center, The Academy of American Poets, ALTA


Amazon Author Page







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Asian Signature, In the Nothingness

The Original Van Gogh’s Ear Anthology, My Mother Ceridwen

Beetroot Journal – LitBridge,  Shaman in Residence

Levure Littéraire, Numéro 8, Le chemin aux dons

Levure Littéraire, Numéro 8, La quiétude de l’infini

Levure Littéraire, Issue 8, Pathway to Gifts

Levure Littéraire, Numéro 8, En songes de pluie

Levure Littéraire, Issue 8, Quiescent Infinite

Levure Littéraire, Issue 8, In Dreams Like Rain

Dublin Review of Books, Shaman in Residence


Mediterranean Poetry, Dreamer


The Lascaux Review, Quiescent Infinite


THRUSH Poetry Journal, A Mind Like the Sky, Night Messenger, Dreams Like Water


The Passionate Transitory, The Magician


Recours au Poème, Issue 21, The Sexiest Flower


Recours au Poème, Issue 21, Cornucopia


Recours au Poème, Issue 21, Notes From Last Night

The Enchanting Literary Verses, Editor’s Choice, Issue XVI, July 2012, Parallel Keys


Levure Littéraire, Panorama 6


Levure Littéraire, Numero 6

THRUSH Poetry Journal, From the Heart With Grace

Mediterranean Poetry, Ouranoupolis Pantoum

Pirene’s Fountain Issue 9

Pirene’s Fountain Issue 7

Mythic Passages

Barnwood Mag

Askew Poetry Journal


From The Fishouse

Saint Julian Press




Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Marc Vincenz in The Lit Pub

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Elvis Alves in The Compulsive Reader

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Diann Blakely in Goodreads

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Kitty Jospé in Poet’s Talk, Page 5

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Jonathan Beale in Pirene’s Fountain

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Mamta Madhavan in Reader’s Favorite

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Rustin Larson in The Iowa Source

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) in Poetry International

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Ron Starbuck in Saint Julian Press and Goodreads

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Fred Johnston in C’est coome ça: The Poetry of Hélène Cardona

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Alan Patrick Traynor in Goodreads

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) by Elisha Gabriel in Appollo Writes

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) in UndergroundBooks

Review of Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry 2013) in The Passionate Transitory


Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry, 2013)
A bilingual collection in English and French

Dreaming My Animal Selves (Salmon Poetry, 2013) on Amazon

Life In Suspension (Tupelo Press)
A bilingual collection in English and French

The Astonished Universe (Red Hen Press, 2006)
A bilingual collection in English and French


From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anaïs Nin (Sybaritic Press, 2013)

For Rhino in a Shrinking World (Poets Printery, 2013)

The Blue Max Review (Rebel Poetry, 2012)

Dogs Singing: A Tribute Anthology (Salmon Poetry, 2011)

Illuminations: Expressions of the Spiritual Experience (Celestial Arts, 2006)




The Toronto Quarterly Literary Arts and Journal: Darryl Salach interviews Hélène Cardona

Ruth Copland interviews actress, poet and linguist Hélène Cardona on KSCO AM 1080

Author Magazine: Author2Author with Hélène Cardona

Quill Magazine July-September 2013: Eric Forbes’s Book Addict Guide to Good Books: Inspired by Dreams

The Next Big Thing on LitBridge

The Passionate Transitory’s Seventeenth Quinterview

Working the Words: Voices on Language

Modeler les mots : Parlons Langage

Levure Littéraire, Panorama 6


Levure Littéraire, Edition 6

The Write Step with R Jeffreys

South Coast Today

Speechless the Magazine

The Denis Review

The Iowa Source, with Rustin Larson

KPFK, Poet’s Café with M.C. Bruce

Writer’s Digest: Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer

Translated By, with Shaindel Beers



Periódico de poesía, la poesía de José Manuel Cardona


KPFK Poet’s Café: Helene interviews poet Kevin Simmonds

KPFK Poet’s Café: Helene interviews poet and Salmon Poetry publisher Jessie Lendennie


The Mind (Salmon Poetry, 2011)


Telling Time by the Shadows (Turning Point Books, 2008)


Spring Water (Turning Point Books, 2005)




film grafy


Demo reel

Animation Voice-Over Demo

Song “Lucienne” from Serendipity



2014 Muppets Most Wanted (Voice)
2013 Haunting Charles Manson (Mick Davis) – French Reporter (Co-Star)
2013 World War Z (Marc Forster) – (BBC Broadcaster – Voice)
2013 Red 2 (Dean Parisot) – (Voice)
2013 Actors Entertainment: Models Best Friend (Episode 9) – (Herself)
2013 The Necklace (Gabriel Schmidt) – Dr. White (Star)
2013 Femme: Women Healing the World (Emmanuel Itier) – (Herself)
2013 Lunch Break (Gabriel Schmidt) – Grace (Star)
2013 A Bedtime Story (Monica Tidwell) – Margot (Star)
2013 Five Minutes (Gabriel Schmidt) – Adrienne Pierre (Co-Star) 
2012 Hemingway and Gellhorn – (Voice)
2011 The Muppets – (Voice)
2011 Happy Feet 2 – Adelia Penguin (Voice)
2011 Stealing Roses (Megan Clare Johnson) – Mrs. Russell (Co-Star)
2011  Fast Five – (Voice)
2011  Dante’s Paradiso Documented – Speaker: 3rd Sphere – Venus (Star)
2010 Monte Carlo – (Voice)
2010 The Tourist – (Voice)
2010  Hereafter – (Voice)
2010  The A-Team – (Voice)
2010  Dante’s Inferno Animated – Francesca (Star)
2010  Dante’s Purgatorio Documented – (Star) 7th Terrace: The Lustful
2010  Dante’s Inferno Documented – (Star) Speaker – 2nd Circle: The Lustful
2010  Knight and Day – (Voice)
2010  Inception – (Voice)
2010  Killers – (Voice)
2010  The Way – (Voice)
2009  HALO – Venus (Star)
2009  Robin Hood – (Voice)
2009  Interview – (Star) Natasha Loizeau
2009  GI Joe – (voice)
2009  Inglorious Basterds – (voice)
2009  Ninja Assassin – (voice)
2009  Duplicity – Tourist (voice)
2008  The Pink Panther 2 – Reporter (voice)
2007  National Treasure: Book of Secrets – (voice)
2007  The Bourne Ultimatum – (voice)
2007  Rush Hour 3 – (voice)
2007  The Hunting Party – (voice)
2006  The Painted Veil – French Nun
2006  A Good Year – Stewardess (voice)
2006  The Pink Panther – Journalist (voice)
2005  The Interpreter – French Interpreter (voice)
2004  Cool Girl – Harley, Artemis (voice: English version) (as Helena Cardona)
2004  The Bourne Supremacy – (voice)
2004  The Terminal – Stewardess (voice)
2004  De-Lovely – (voice)
2004  Team America: World Police (voice)
2003  Big Fish – Receptionist (voice)
2003  Timeline – (voice)
2002  Enough – Darcelle
2001  Serendipity – The French Singer (voice)
co-wrote the song Lucienne with director Peter Chelsom and sang it
2001  FINAL (Campbell Scott) – ICU Nurse (Co-Star)
2001  Original Sin – (voice)
2000  CHOCOLAT (Lasse Hallström) – Françoise “Fuffi” Drou, beauty shop proprietor (Co-Star)
2000  Passion of Mind – Newscaster (voice)
1999  MUMFORD (Lawrence Kasdan) – Candy Heskin (Co-Star)
1998  Ronin – (voice)
1998  Billboard Dad – Henriette (Co-Star)
1998  What Dreams May Come – (voice)
1998  In God’s Hands – (voice)





2013  Front Seat Chronicles – Valérie (Guest Star) (episode La Garde)
2013  The Blacklist – Interpol Agent (Voice) 
2013  Actors Entertainment: Models Best Friend (Episode 9) – (Herself)
2013  Zero Hour – French Tour Guide (Voice)
2012  Nikita – Spanish Operative (Voice)
2012  Chuck – German Secretary (Voice)
2011  Pan Am – French Stewardess (Voice)
2009  The Bold and the Beautiful – French Reporter (Co-Star)
1999  The New Adventures of Robin Hood – Marjorie (Guest Star) (episode The Running Bride)
1998  Passions – French Woman (Co-Star)
1995  Law & Order – Juror #4 (Co-Star) (episode Savages)
1995  One Life to Live – Austrian Aristocrat (Co-Star)
1994  Another World



Voice demos

English Demo
French Demo
Animation Voice-Over Demo

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