Poems by Mimoza Rexhvelaj


Mimoza Rexhvelaj

Poems by Mimoza Rexhvelaj




Who are you? 


Who are you?
Merciful of an unfortunate world
You tie the fate in chains
In ropes.
Who are you?
A polished vampire
perfumed, strutted around
Are you watching me in sleep, sleeping
You pull out the nails to make me soil.
Who are you?
A cursed wolf
You tell me that you have changed
But you have the same soul…
Heartless beast.
Who are you?
Thirst, hunger, prey, seeking
Blood drink, blood require
Are you satiated, greedy?
Fed, dried stomach
Your soul with sin is washed.
Who are you?
A medallion like hell
have you hanged up.
I don’t know!
Who are you?




Until when


I love, to drink you
to eternity
Your lips
sound of sadness
Where I hang any hope
In altar
Sins are brought to the knees
The air hangs the errant soul
In seasons without lungs.
Runaway sun
as a tombstone you burden
in the corner of the street
the candle of promise is melted
cup of dawn
cries with longing
Will it be back
in passionate ember
I wait
I wait for you love
I don’t know how many nights
how many years?
Until when?
A century maybe
Oh, so far…






I don’t believe disappointment…
but it became a god
of my soul…
I wanna kill it,
but I cannot…
It’s hold me as a captive
It’s shadow made me hostage.




I’m not worth in your world


Darkness that devour
Only wall’s tattoos resemble
Music full of rhythm
They dance like crazy ones…
Shadows and smoke of cigarettes…
Bottles of alcohol evaporate…
Hey… baby… drink it up
Who am I here…
among yours?
A statue of meat
coming accidentally…
I like to suffer…
freshen the phosphorescent shadow
Do I arouse…
the beautiful dreams of the adventure?
No! No!
I’m just a soap bubble
washing the intact sin…
I’m not feeling all right…
My breath pine away…
looking the madness
of the real world.
I stay…
How much worth am I?
I don’t understand
I’ll vanish
I’ll run away from this world…
I’m leaving
Do not follow me…
to another world I belong…

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