Poems by Teresinka Pereira / Poezi nga Teresinka Pereira

Teresinka Pereiera Presidente IWA


Poems by Teresinka Pereira

Poezi nga Teresinka  Pereira





We are poor human beings

who depend on nature

from which we came

and are an integral part.

We are fragile

in the immense universe.

We look at the full moon

for inspiration as poets

and we have to surrender

to the harmful vibrations

and emotional torments

it brings, hoping that

they will pass away

like the moon

in front of the sun.

We all will pass away

as do good or bad weather.






Many spring seasons

have passed with their

threats of allergy.

Many illusions

have also passed

with their impossible


However, I am still writing

and each word seems

as new as the spring!

Tomorrow will start

a new season.






Shumë stina pranverore

kanë ikur

me kërcënimet e tyre

të alergjisë.

Shumë iluzione,

gjithashtu kanë ikur

me premtimet e tyre

të pamundura.

Megjithatë, unë ende jam

duke shkruar

dhe çdo fjalë duket

aq e re sa pranvera!

Nesër do të fillojë

një sezon i ri.

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