Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker

Sharon Elisabeth - Walker


Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker



I Glance Down…


I glance down upon these,

Her river’s tidal motioned flowed



Cooled down pebbles kissed.

Memories course veined, through my blood

My body speak as once a child was I

Gleefully skipping

One step, two

Across crashed upon


Waved ocean beached, stone pebbles,

Upon once my feet caressed.

Time Eternal still now, hushed

Shall for all infinity test memories

Now create.

Drawn upon now, as sighted

Visioned seen

Upon these her river’s blessed tidal-waved

Pebbles, patterns make

As heat-scorched nature-smoothed

Pebbles now bake.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014




 Cut Grass


Fresh cut daisies strewn amongst shredded blades of


Petalled teardrops sparkling now, in the noon day sun

Warming rays underfoot, now trodden,

squashed beneath each step.

Prints laid down shapes in sizes, threes and fours

As kiddies squeal with laughter

As innocently do they, their papas shower

With this the fresh cut grass.

Alas, no thought of strewn, ripped, raped

from soil ‘neath bore, cut grass.


Down underneath,


Where petalled-teardrop, per shaded blades

Of aroma-blessed grass, once stretched forth

Warming, kissed by sun’s rays, blessed

As now stand I in reverence, awed

Cut grass


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014




Waiting In The Sideline


Standing in the sideline,

I’m just waiting for your call

for me to assist you,

when you slip and fall.

For life is so uncertain

as we all should know

How life is unpredictable

and loves to upset all.


So I’m waiting in this corner

round that corner small.

Dare your heart should take that step;

a peep is all it needs.

For there your answers all shall find

a trust, a love supreme.

No more now in this corner

do I stand and stare

A want, a need, a yearn

when all you need is prayer.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2010, 2012




And all heads bowed


I stopped my days’ activities, to take a walk through the


For the day was full of sunshine, with spring in each new


A wondrous view was shared by all, on such a glorious


When suddenly, a sight beheld, upon my very eyes

Amidst the bustle of the day a child tall, crouched down,

amongst the baseball practice, to pray.


For this is what all heard


‘I thank thee dear God for this ‘ere day, for all d’is


between der rain, for ‘ad it don’t stop, me couldn’t play

Or ‘ear der baba’s mamas’ cry.


Dear God, if I but may, pease take der pain, from dat

mamas’ ‘art?

For if she stops ‘er tears, ‘er baba’s smiles, she’ll see


Dear God, if I can just one more ding, please ‘elp me win,

dis ‘ere game

For den my pa be real proud of me, an’ den he too, will

smile at me.


Oh. Pease God, a lille ding, again I know, but hose

countin’, hehe.

My pa’s bing sick a long long time,

Pease bless ‘im now, so we’ll be fine?

and now dis fing I just must ask pease make it rain, an’ bless dis grass?

Ohh, ta, an’ bye, well for now, I mean.’


Up he got, and ran right past me, and everyone else,

who stopped to see why this boy as old as ten, crouched


upon this park’s blessed grass, on his knees.

For now his mark has sure been felt, for silence fell upon

this park.

For as he prayed, he did not know,

He prayed out loud and all heads bowed.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013




Stayed Pained Distance


Stayed pained distance now keep must I

For want of loving, giving kindness of

My heart’s solace now must be,

For once was cared and lovingly embraced

Arms entangled, gentle at peace

Held deep

Deep within Eternal Love’s peace and beauty dwell

Masking love held, in all her embrace, of true love

Where none can shame, and steal

With tortured emotion of their own hate-

Until time blends her unity of Love’s desire

To love,

To hold,

True desires embrace

Now stays pained distance, their heart once pure

Do I,

Shall I,

Stayed Pained Distance now, lie I

Awake my heart’s embrace



© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014


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