Symphony and Other Poems – Acknowledgement / AYUB KHAWAR



Title Symphony. sb2(1)

  Symphony and Other Poems





With profound pleasure and a sense of felicity, I have the honor to present you my book ‘Symphony and Other Poems’; in fact these are the poems which have been selected from my other collections in Urdu and translated into English. I am thankful to all my friends and colleagues who always patronized and encouraged me in my poetic journey. My hearts also bears earnest gratitude for Adriana Istrefi the President of the Art Club “Age of Talent”, Albania and the Representative of the World Poetry Movement and International Art, for writing critical comments on the work being presented. I have my special thanks for Muhammad Shanazar who devoted a lot of time to translate my work into English and has opened a new gait to get me introduced to international literary circle. I am also thankful to Miss Haneul Siddiqi, Miss Tayyaba Dar, Mr Hafeez-ur-Rehman and Dr. Safi Hassan who helped me in arranging and selection of poems for this book. I am optimist that in future time shall certainly come when critics and men of letters will heed to my poetry, and they will award it just recognition, I don’t know whether I shall cherish that moment in my life or else.







A Note on Translator


Muhammad Shanazar is a contemporary poet from Pakistan who has achieved worldwide recognition owing to his poetic talent as well as his ability in translation Urdu poetry into English. The prime objective he has been working for is to make humanity aware of the sanctity of human life i.e. “A single drop of human blood possesses more worth than all treasures that the Earth contains”. Voices Network from North Carolina U.S.A placed him among the prominent contemporary poets by awarding him the International Special Distinction “Poet in Residence” in 2004. Poem hunter of France and Bollywood of India chose him one of the ‘Top 500 Poets in the World’, World Society of Poets bestowed upon him honor by placing him among the prominent contemporary poets of the world. Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Education awarded him the award of “Promotion in Children Literature” with the cash prize. He has authored three poetry books, The Cold Stars, Gems and The Dance of Darkness. He received appreciation from all around the world for his intellectual contribution. In July 2011, 22nd World Congress of Poets included him in the list of United Poets Laureate International. In December 2012, International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, China awarded him The International Best Translator Prize 2012, on account of translating the work of several contemporary poets. World Poetry Movement (U.S.A) declared him one of the Best Poets 2012. He had been President of the jury constituted for Frang Bardhi Albanian Literary Prize 2013. Just now International Writers and Artists Association U.S.A bestowed upon him its membership. Just recently has been included by Margutte, Italy in ‘Poets Of The World’. He has been published and appreciated in several world anthologies, we pray for his further success in future.


The Publisher


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