Symphony and Other Poems – Impressions / Muhammad Shanazar (The Translator)


Title Symphony. sb2(1)

Symphony and Other Poems




muhammad Shanaza -1

Muhammad Shanazar (The Translator)





Translation of poetry from its original language into other one isn’t a simple task as it involves self-negation of the translator; he cannot reach the abyss of spirit, emotional depth and intensity of impacts unless the translator dissolves his original entity into the work being translated. Complete work of a mature poet, in fact, is a total personality of a poet, and when a translator translates, he doesn’t translate the work but interprets persona of the poet. Ayub Khawar undoubtedly is one of the mature poets who write in Urdu and I am fortunate enough that I have explored the gem and felt a sense of honor while translating his poetry.

Ayub Khawar’s each poem is overflowing with personal pain gurgling out from some deep recesses of his heart, in most of his poems elegiac tone prevails that affects the reader and he too goes on drifting  on the potent waves of pathos. His poetic flow is genuine as well as spontaneous, continuous flow lends charm to his style and artless expression. The most striking feature of his poetry is that his imagery is uncommon and vigorous; it bears along colors, shapes and forms; the texture his expression is complex but comprehensible. His imagination flies into a vast world, often shrieking and crying over some irreversible personal loss, no one seems to share the damage he sustained, though his cries echo in valleys of the callous world where he was sent to bear all with patience.

Much can be explored and expressed about Ayub Khawar’s poetry; features of his poetry may take a long time to be explored by the critics, I just translated his poems and while translation I went through similar feelings as the poet himself experience, and I am of the opinion that his work is genuine, his poetry is pure, poetry for the sake of poetry, it is an expression of general emotions, pain and pang that we all undergo sooner or later. Ayub Khawar yearns for global love, peace and harmony; in his elaborate poem ‘Symphony’, he gives vent to his profound desire to see the world in perfect concord, surrounding the globe with distinct colors of the rainbow.  I am also optimistic that after having been translated into English, barricades which up till now have confined him into geographical boundaries have been removed; certainly new doors of his international recognition will unfasten themselves. Thought is the core of poetry and language is the medium, both splendid thoughts and grand diction make someone a great poet and Ayub Khawar’s poetry possesses both of the features. I hope that his poetry will be given due recognition internally as well as beyond the borders and across the waters.


Muhammad Shanazar (The Translator)

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