Symphony and other poems – Preface / by Adriana Istrefi The President of the Art Club “Age of Talent”, Albania.

Title Symphony. sb2(1)

Symphony and other poems





Poetry is a magical work of the universe of words; poets create anthological poetic overtures, though in huge volumes yet they play with words capturing imagery. Poetry serves the readers by transcending their taste and it is tested and evaluated by the critics, connecting a bridge of communication which descends generation to generation. Poetry is the matter of both in heart and mind, if its verses leave powerful impacts; it moves and transforms the readers in both of the ways from inside and outside too. Poetic endeavor always revolves around the circle of poetic symbiosis; it concludes in strengthening language with three Kings (keys) symbols, epithets bearing metaphors and imagery.

Translation of these poems by Muhammad Shanazar: poet and translator from Pakistan, is of a very high valued photosensitive and re-creative work which has been accomplished in English: an internationally qualified language for translations.

Translation of poetry is another doze that offers and prepares the readers to become a part of poetic scenes and to reading on the basis of categorized share of the readers. Therefore, high seriousness and responsibility are two main factors and values which convince creative consciousness to be mirrored from main language to the second on.




While studying, as critic, poetry of the poet: Ayub Khawar I came across the following creative phases:

Selection of diction and genuineness of the work are the bases of poetry which establish the standard. This pushes the reader towards the sensation, the experience which the poet has gone through and the transition of feelings to the reader, inner spirit of musical quality, thoughts, imagery, rhythmic accents and poetic expressions which are employed used to build a poem.

Ayub Khawar is in the habit of writing elaborate verse, his poetic flow doesn’t allow him to have pauses, he takes them but at long distances, and the reader has to make an exercise of the brain to extract the contents.

Freedom of thematic love, feelings of personal and general pain, gives a deeper picture and creates a poetic sphere of modern literature.

Poems have been composed in such a style as when they start they appear to be soft; while they move on they push the readers through exclamatory calls and cries, hidden in the typological words of poetic confessions.

Poems are replete with poetic cultural clues that provide standard access in depth, compressing with stylistics and figures of exclamations throughout their singings.

Translation enhanced excellence of the poems of Ayub Khawar, each poem seems as if the bride has put on a new costume, next to the wedding day. It doesn’t remain merely a poem that the poet wrote it becomes a new creativity that sticks and intend to give to the reader double moral coinciding to embryonic feelings of reading and esthetic moral. Esthetic is a primary principal that creates an art shaft aiming in the joint process of the whole humans. Well used syntax and esthetic construction bring language skills and also the harmony of a poetic work.  This is a gradual process that in real the poet keeps with him.


Ayub Khawar’s poetry bears following traits of distinctiveness:


It is a perspective writing which is used to build poetry that shows affirmation of values, feelings and messages.

His poetry in accordance to the definition of poetry builds up spiritual connections among readers and the main ideals of poems.

Matrix saves observation of the poet in local and regional poems, the observation stands upon poetic background which is unique one as far as it poetic demands are concerned.

His poetry as poetic description and if tracked, it belongs to a specific literary school of the past owing to its artistic techniques.

Ayub Khawar stands on the firm foundations of art; he is   probably not confined only to his own era. Final verdict of the value and worth of his work may be possible in case writer’s complete profile is perused thoroughly, a single poem doesn’t establish coherently his literary identification among the contemporary poets. At present being a critic I may say that his poetic work resembles classical structure that preserves for the descending generations art, rationalism and universal ethics. No doubt writing on ethics and social plans, is a representation of characters, poetic elements and poetic career of a poet. We cannot breach principles to write for art and write for principles. It means that the poets write to preserved traditions for the reason to transcend them for all times and leave footprints behind for the betterment of human beings.

Such an artistic poetical work as Ayub Khawar’s organizes, harmonizes and creates connections between unity and people in general. It will remain always very significant poetry to be a challenge for the readers as it isn’t merely an empty compilation. Ranking of poetry through dividing its inside, keeping in consideration its form, expression and artistic message, matrixes and findings of author establish a column to be called literature’s thematic reaction. To write and evaluate critically a poem, one should be convinced whether values of a poem stand on the high pedestal, in the same manner as the poet follows its rhythmic sensitivity, and secondary effects.



Adriana Istrefi

Adriana Istrefi The President of the Art Club

“Age of Talent”, Albania.


The Representative Of The World Poetry Movement And International Art.

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