SYMPHONY AND OTHERPOEMS – By Ayub Khawar / Translated By Muhammad Shanazar

Title Symphony. sb2(1)





By Ayub Khawar



muhammad Shanaza -1

Translated By Muhammad Shanazar



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First Edition:              May, 2015

Quantity:                      1000

Title:                              Symphony and Other Poems

Poet:                               Ayub Khawar

Translation:                 Muhammad Shanazar

Price Rs. 300/=           (In Pakistan)

U.S $ 30                        (Including Postal Charges)

£  25                               (Including Postal Charges)








To Love and Loyalty, Peace and Patience, Faith and Fraternity and Harmony that have so far remained annoyed with the world; I wish I could see them in the perfect concord, wrapping the globe, with distinct colors of the rainbow.






(1)       Preface

(2)       Comments Of Aftichia Kapardeli

(3)       Acknowledgement

(4)       A Note On Translator

(5)       Impressions

(6)       Mother

(7)       A Night In Grief

(8)       A Poem In Between Life And Death

(9)       A Poem In The Operation Theatre

(10)     O! My Enemy

(11)     Probability

(12)     The Dreams Are Stubborn

(13)     The Heart Of Dream Be Revealed

(14)     A Poem For The Motherland

(15)     The Horror Of Green Sleep

(16)     The Funeral Hasn’t Yet Been Shouldered

(17)     A Warning

(18)     The Season Hasn’t Yet Returned

(19)     Bestow Us A Mirror

(20)     What Direction You Have Come To

(21)     Another Poem Between Me And My Poem

(22)     A Reverie

(23)     Known and Unknown

(24)     Who Is Behind The Curtain

(25)     Liaqat Bagh (2)

(26)     Tears of Sand

(27)     Then There is a Gang of Non-believers

(28)     Life How I Curse Thee

(29)     Ya Hussain

(30)     Symphony (DREAM OF CONSCIOUS)

(31)     I Kept A Poem Somewhere Here

(32)     When At Last

(33)     Can’t Be Compensated

(34)     The Bond Of Remembrance

(35)     A Ruined Wait

(36)     When Did You Fathom This

(37)     There Had Been Such A House

(38)     Who Will Descend Into The Grave Of My Poet

(39)     An Elegy

(40)     In The Respect of Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

(41)     I Have To Do Yet A Lot Of Chores

(42)     In Memory Of Bygone Days

(43)     Think Awhile

(44)     A Piece Of Advice

(45)     O! Futile Wind

(46)     You Were In A Hurry To Depart

(47)     I Long to Live

(48)     Whether It Is You

(49)     Mirror-house

(50)     The Poem Inscribes You

(51)     Apprehensions

(52)     Love Is Like Water And Grain

(53)     Hello

(54)     Lonesomeness

(55)     A Poem For Two Times

(56)     A Poem For You

(57)     Permission

(58)     Confession

(59)     Good Wishes

(60)     When Did You Love

(61)     I Had To Tell You

(62)     A Poem For Akhtar Hussain Jaffri

(63)     A Poem For Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

(64)     A Poem For Dildar Pervez Bhatti

(65)     A Poem For Tahira Naqvi

(66)     Progeny Vanishing

(67)     A Request

(68)     Purgatory

(69)     Rest House

(70)     The Second Sky

(71)     O! Birds Come Back

(72)     A Discourse With A Mirror

(73)     The Secrets Will Sprout

(74)     The Spectacles Of Monsoonal Dance

(75)     The Full Moon In The Dark

(76)     To A Dancing Woman

(77)     An Entreaty

(78)     What Happened To Autumn

(79)     A Frozen Moment Of Farewell

(80)     A Dumb Poem

(81)     A Poem Of My Wife For Me

(82)     The Days Are Dry

(83)     I, You And My Doused Days

(84)     Who Knows

(85)     Anxiety

(86)     In Between Sea And Seashore

(87)     In The Absence Of God

(88)     In The Presence Of God

(89)     The Darner

(90)     The Tale Breathes

(91)     Melancholy Is Very Gruesome

(92)     A Cry Of An Afghani Child

(93)     A Dialogue With Tsunami

(94)     On 8th October 2005

(95)     A Poem for Allama Iqbal

(96)     The Fist Of Darkness Doesn’t Unclench

(97)     When Will My Morn Of Tomorrow Come

(98)     In Front Of My Beloved

(99)     Would You Put On Frippery

(100)   A While Before Evening

(101)   The Morn With Bright Forehead

(102)   First Poem

(103)   Second Poem

(104)   Third Poem

(105)   Fourth Poem

(106)   Fifth Poem

(107)   Sixth Poem

(108)   Seventh Poem

(109)   First Night

(110)   Second Night

(111)   Third Night

(112)   Fourth Night

(113)   First Day

(114)   Second Day

(115)   Third Day

(116)   Fourth Day

(117)   A Year Of Love

(118)   The Whore

(119)   The Butterfly

(120)   Mild Love

(121)   Fiber Of Pain

(122)   Pang of Severance

(123)   A Lot Has Been Lost

(124)   When Snow Hums

(125)   What Kind Of Life It Is

(126)   Life Is A Flood

(127)   Let Me Touch The Sky

(128)   A Day On The Caucasus

(129)   A Song Of Love

(130)   A Poem Buried In Snow

(131)   Whether I Had  Been Anywhere Or Else

(132)   To My Own Demise

(133)   A Poem On My Own Departure

(134)   Who Should Take The Forest Of Scorpions For A City

(135)   Dark Room

(136)   Your Fragrance Is Engrossed In A Strange Dance

(137)   The Tree (1)

(138)   The Tree (2)

(139)   The Tree (3)

(140)   The Tree(4)

(141)   The Tree (5)

(142)   The Tree (6)

(143)   The Tree (7)

(144)   The Tree (8)

(145)   The Tree (9)

(146)   The Tree (10)

(147)   The Tree (11)

(148)   The Tree (12)

(149)   The Tree (13)

(150)   Beyond Suspicion





Poetry is a magical work of the universe of words; poets create anthological poetic overtures, though in huge volumes yet they play with words capturing imagery. Poetry serves the readers by transcending their taste and it is tested and evaluated by the critics, connecting a bridge of communication which descends generation to generation. Poetry is the matter of both in heart and mind, if its verses leave powerful impacts; it moves and transforms the readers in both of the ways from inside and outside too. Poetic endeavor always revolves around the circle of poetic symbiosis; it concludes in strengthening language with three Kings (keys) symbols, epithets bearing metaphors and imagery.

Translation of these poems by Muhammad Shanazar: poet and translator from Pakistan, is of a very high valued photosensitive and re-creative work which has been accomplished in English: an internationally qualified language for translations.

Translation of poetry is another doze that offers and prepares the readers to become a part of poetic scenes and to reading on the basis of categorized share of the readers. Therefore, high seriousness and responsibility are two main factors and values which convince creative consciousness to be mirrored from main language to the second on.



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