Poems by Katerina Simintira



Poems by Katerina Simintira




All for you


All for my baby
The promise of a winter evening
The promise slippery as sand
Slopping over the palms
You were feeling it
All for you
He smiled so beautiful
All for you
The dusk naked
All for my baby
It was getting dark
The street was emptying…the rain wasn’t stopping
And that song was pressing with notes
Directly the keys of your heart
All for you my baby
You were dangerously forgetting
How after the dawn…..nothing more.





At the pier


Nothing could be said
Nothing should be said
Memories buried in silent chambers
At nights they cried behind doors

At the time of departure
Like reflection they returned
Bat as the land removed
Only the mist standing at the port
Α! Silently sickly smiles
Would always sad good bye
In these sepia photographs.




Falsa Moneda


He came last night and sat on the kitchen chair
Father i told him
You are being unfair to me
Do you remember the happy Sundays
when you were singing the ” Falsa moneda”
and the frozen lamb from New Zealand was braising in the pot?
Those days never came back.






Almost free
Selling out the merchandise at the bazaar
And I as I was naked
I was buying
Meaner things, remnants
Cheap very cheap
Clothed my life
In these rags.





Promises down the docks
it was convenient
But now the summer is gonne
And nothing is left
Fine porcelain
Below white lights
Break like chalk
the options limited
Behind walls
They wander dilapidated
I explain to you again
Nothing has remained;
That could wait.


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