Ajarn Wu Hsih


          Ajarn Wu Hsih

Ajarn Wu Hsih a penname of Josefino C. Jimenez, born on 22nd of August 1974 in Cariño Paniqui, Tarlac, Philippines. He is currently teaching at St. Neo Srichondaan School in Thailand.

On the 18th of September 2007, he started writing “nine lined verses/poems,” a style he calls SEPTON and then later on turned the concept of his literary craft into ‘nined poem’ and started introducing it via internet and other poetry groups in Facebook.




On the 30th of April 2015, after the span of eight years, his book entitled “Fascinating Panoptic Septon: the September-born poem” was finally published under Partridge Publishing Company Singapore. The book is composed of his first written Septons including the Septons of the first group of Septonists like Ainjali Chow, Ceri Naz (multi-awarded world famous writer-poetess), Ligaw Makata, Franco Sangreo, Mac Adrone Adonay, to name a few. It is the first Septon book which has been published employing the versatile measures of nine. His future plan is to publish another book featuring the various types of Septon that continue to increase.




He believes that Septon can somehow balance the development of right-left brain capability by fusing letters and numerics with visual arts. Furthermore, he believes poetry is necessary to develop a benevolent ‘common sense’ which is greatly lacking nowadays.


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