Poems by Ajarn Wu Hsih


Poems by Ajarn Wu Hsih




” t h e    m y t h “


there is a myth told long time ago:

a deluge of the power to know.

to know what is right and what is false;

that myth can change reality’s course.

a time came and it is the now

that myth’s coming to pass, you know how?

with a doctrine forged and made use of

to turn the minds of man on and off.


believe a lie that’s real; see the myth!


~awh 2015.05.29

a septon verse





” t r a n s m e a n i n g   4 “


In the community of lingo and rambo

Where philosophers are ‘speeching’ of


A garden path of legalistic clause


With loops and pools;

Holes, turns and circles…

That gentlemen like Bartrhari and Panini

‘re verifirming, parsing the causa, mechanica,

Et principia in the di-lemma of love

Lusting o’er the Great


© awh 2015.06.07













in places

torn by war


© awh 2015






” c h a r t   y o u r   c o u r s e “


from island to island i did go

only to find out and wisely know

the same questions bother the people

’cause same information-principle

substantiate essential beings

to experience all the same feelings

of basic qualia angled in three

beyond it you go and you’ll be free

here, not there; and now, not tomorrow

you can truly end your own sorrow

only if you’re determined enough

and face all dragons however tough

enter the portal that leads to truth

that says ‘what that is’ forever youth

appearing when the season is right

bringing all the wisdom and the might

for you to claim what is really yours

so do not wait, man, go chart your course


© AWH 2015.05.18 All rights reserved

Couplet Septon 18lines/9sylls

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