Maria Miragla

Poems by By Maria Miraglia






The shore

with sunshine flooded

the straw fringes

of the beach umbrellas

as if moved by the curvy hips

of belly dancers


On the sea

extending to the horizon

small bright stars seem

the sun rays reflected on the ripples

moved by the slight breeze

some boys are playing

building sand castles and bridges

not far away

a child like a new born bird

safe sleeps

in his mother’s arms


A song with its refrain

is now filling the air

of the late August morning

it’s a romantic tune

like so many played

along the shores

in this time of the year


A veil of melancholy

caresses my soul

one more summer

is vanishing away

and with it

consumed we have

one more segment

of our lives


Others summers will come

others bathers will crowd sunny beaches

listen to new songs

and life will keep going on

renewing itself like the seasons’ cycle


all rights reserved. August, 25-2015

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