Poems by Teresinka Pereira

Teresinka Pereiera Presidente IWA

Poems by Teresinka Pereira








It was not craziness,

it was rather a great

freedom shaped by talent.

The perfect voice

and a lighted presence

always made a glowing

performance, a love affair

between the public

and the man, who

by a vanity of destiny

left us prematurely.

Elvis, we miss you!

May your peacefulness

in eternity be filled

with rock and roll!







He was our great illusion

of childhood that lasted

until we had the feeling that

the bat’s wings which

protected the man, fell down.

If the others abandoned us

in trouble, we could count on

Batman coming, and in

our imagination,

triumph was right

at the corner.

Now his image is gone,

and also this crazy idea

that all injustice can be

changed into justice.

Batman’s wings

were fake and returned

to the poor animal

hidden in the attic.








 August 6-9, 1945


It was the worse day

for humankind when

President Truman authorized

using the atomic bomb

against the people of Japan.

More than 140,000 people

died then and many more

died from the atomic radiation

after it.

As it is not enough, the

United States of America

has 5,113 warheads prepared

to send any place in the world.

As it is not enough,

President Truman announced

in 1953 that the United States

has developed a hydrogen bomb.

From bad to worse, no president

of the United States has yet promised

to dismantle all of the atomic

and hydrogen bombs!


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