Poems by Nancy Ellen Crossland


Poems by Nancy Ellen Crossland



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Nancy Ellen Crossland


I have always enjoyed creating stories as a child and would often create tales of fantasy and every day life telling them to my younger sister. I began writing poetry while in my teens and have been actively writing poetry and short stores for the past ten years. My poetry has appeared in an educational manual in Singapore and in Bermuda. My first book of poetry entitled “Within These Branches: Poetry of Life and Nature” was written in 2009. In addition, I have written newsletters while employed and kept active in writing verses upon request for various occasions. I am in the process of compiling another anthology of poems.

Nature and the beauty and mystery of it all has always fascinated me. I try to express my respect and admiration for all forms of life through my poetry. Studying people of the world as well has been another interest of mine as well; their culture, everyday lives and their own connection to the world in which they live.

I am the middle child with an older brother and younger sister. I am married, the mother of four children and four grandchildren. I wish to continue to embrace poetry in every form and write of my experiences and that of others.

Thank you for the opportunity to be included in your publication. I look forward to being a part of this group of writers.






Daylight’s honesty now has slipped away;

The intrigue of twilight’s unknown has arrived,

Security of daytime

Cast aside;

Birds of sunlight flight

Now fold their wings,

Secure in their nests for the night;

Mystery now is spun

As violet shades of twilight have begun;

Between the light

And the finality of night,

Anticipation of what mystery there may be,

Before the shooting star of dreams,

When shadows surround

What might be  seen

In the violet cape

That twilight brings;

Ah daylight!

You have nowhere to hide;

But elusive twilight

It’s a mystery ride.






Who is the dreamer?

Beyond the present

Between reality and possibility;

On the threshold of fantasy

Imagination and fascination

Within the stars of dreams

For without dreamers;

Only one dimension is realized

Never past the closed door

Or intrigue of the night,

Never past

The strings of the violin,

Or watching until

The birds are out of sight

The dreamer sees the candles glow;

Within it images and scenes

With visions of a story

Flickering shadows in between;

The dreamer sees

Not endings

But beginnings too,

Past the here and now,

Grasping at the unexpected,

Holding on for life.

As it unfolds the mystery;

He takes up his pen to write.






Perhaps it was the leaf that had fallen

Randomly beneath her feet.

Curled like the golden palm of a lost love

The scent of the air so sweet,

She took it within her hands

Teardrops began to fall

The leaf became a vessel

To hold her grief

As she recalled it all;

Amber skies

Misty sunsets

Where the air would bring a chill,

Or was it the bittersweet memories

Rising through distant hills?

Goodbyes echoed like a lonely chant

A circling hawk proclaimed,

Tears of autumn ran down her cheeks

Another season

Must end







I am the sweet scent of orange blossoms

Released in every breeze;

I am the running spring sparkling and clear

Life-giving to all creatures.

I am the soil to hold root of vine

Rich and moist to offer subsistence.

I am the verdant hills

Mossy green and lush

I am clouds of pure white billows

And dark veils in the sky,

I am the cricket’s chirp

The nightingale’s song

The roar of the lion

The goose’s soft down

I am the voice of man

Shouting to be heard

Waiting for the sign of peace

On wings of a dove to be unfurled;

I am life itself

The human race

With spirits filled in hope

That the goal of peace

In this great earth

We all may learn to cope.






Walking along the beach one day

I thought of all the footprints

That had been washed away,

Only a short time before erased

Faster than a sand crab

Hiding from a seagull’s chase,

As the waves rise and reach the shore

The footprints are swept away


Just a footprint

Sunk in the sand

Leaving a footprint forever;

The spirit of a man.


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