WHY WAS I WONDERING / Poems by Maria Miraglia

Maria Miragla


Poems by Maria Miraglia





Aching and painful the atmosphere

In that early afternoon

For the last goodbye

Pale the faces

Streamed by silent tears

Eyes that seemed

To tell stories of a whole life

That quicly can flow

In one mind

There with them

I found myself deeply digging inside

In search for the obscure reasons

Of men’s sorrows

Of the unseen wounds

Of their souls

And almost I felt the urge of rebellion

Wasn’t He the Supreme Father

Who made us

If pains are because of our sins

Why did He made us

As we are

The altar servant

Loudly rang the bell

Inviting the bystanders

To the common exchange

Of the peace greetings

Awakened from my thoughts

I looked up

Hanging on the white wall

There was a painting

Portraying the Virgin

At the cross foot

Still I stood

Looking at the canvas

Which also I knew

But then it was

As if i saw it for the first time

As if books never read

Opened before my eyes

To give my gloom

New light

Why was I wondering

On human dolor and grief.



By Maria Miraglia

All Rights Reserved Nov, 24 2015

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