Poems by Alma Feruni

 alma feruni

Poems by Alma Feruni



CRAZY TIME, rebellion take …


Hardy time, rebellion to receive

We dance Mort, we macabre sense

At a table with tears, this world wept

Inverted bowl, the fate arranged ..

Time taken, we crawled fate

He saw a light, then as scar

Abandoned heaven and earth together

Dark dark, marauding around the world …

Time fallow, there are no

Tharr is this life, care resources

There is the light, already deep in the eye

Trumpet the deaf shadow there …

Time to pick, we lament luck

I get tired of hope, not the salvation ???






One nation, one language, we feel proud

The blood-red Albanian flag …



We lands eagle takes flight tongue

And plisi white, male honor honor lady …

One nation, one language, among centuries legend

Eagle takes off, the life into the heavens.

Proud in life, not ever bend s`na

We Besen, the blood flags ..

One nation, one language, honor battlements hove

The heart of Albanian honor the battle fields …

We aren bleed when pitch than expected

U feksen as fires were light and gleamed as …

One nation, one language, we feel proud

Red and black flag, leads us all the best heavens ..






You people …

O people, as fate, exalted pedestal

How many names, how many titles as forgiving degrees

As the heavens receives violates rejects

How many suns, take heart ripped out ….

As the light flared, many stars ul

As feeling affects as be bent

How heart tremble, as tyranny

As the light in their eyes, and turns off star …

Sit in the shade as your shadow

As fate laughs, among gases, shqote

How unjust, even marauding pig

As luck and cowardly devouring darkness …

O people … Did your clock back vin?

As bitter dram …






And comes a moment …

And comes a moment when the sky grows old, coughs coughs thundered

Rete as sylph gold trade

I do karshillëk, enter deep soul ..

Eh male heaven

How much desire as feelings

Among lustful nights

Freakish storms hurricanes


Now Tired of old.

Well my track days t`u regards a moment a single moment

On entering the body

Wrapped around me like no one before

quickened slumber

Heavenly wings extended

Eh little as little as you wanted t`me conquer knows except you

But this time aha time

I was getting older overdrive

Let silence on the brink

Cast shakes attack.

Eh time this time

The sky was getting older.

Soul stew….






Challenge …..

Challenge the tyranny, cad bloody

Fireside that holistic

Hopes fires honor …

And here beauty  stately fir green

Eh gather room as hope, as song ..

Tirana? Grin? When fate was cut?

When orphan wept when grace became fertilizer?

There is no focal great when you fire warms?

You laugh pedestal, we shpirin how empty …

Yes brighten the day dawn among us look

We fortunes and honor you there goods..sadness

The cowardly and wake

Look ter anxiety

Tomorrow’s killing

The empty hall …

We challenge the tyranny and centuries allied

When tyrannical into the heavens tremble miserably …

And life, ah life

Well Marrka revenge ….

Vall deny life? Ah soul pitch?

This world gives trust …. This sovereign nation ..


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