Sumana Bhattacharjee


Sumana Bhattacharjee



Sumana Bhattacharjee is an emerging poetess from India. She was born in Kolkata on 21/01/1980. She graduated from Kolkata University, she did honours in Bengali. She since her early childhood had been taking profound interest in poetry drama and music. The both, her mother and father were teachers; they assisted and guided her a lot in learning the art of writing. They often correct her writings. His father also wrote poetry in Bengali. His father and his friends infused in her a great spirit and inspiration to become a poet. She preferred to write in English as it in the present world is an international language, so she chose it express the voice of her conscience. She hates violence, injustice and coercion upon women. Her poetry deals with multifarious themes but her bent of mind is towards romantic poetry. Her favourites are Gaurav Barot and Praveen Ranjit among recent poets! She aspires to become a prominent poet though not internationally yet in her own country.



Poems by Sumana Bhattacharjee





Listen my love ! My heart aches for you!
Every moment I alleviate it to wait for you!

Days, months and years passed away
But I have kept waiting for you!

If you tell me I am ready to wait
Even a few decades more for you!

Everything will remain the same

But I shall not be young till then!


My black hair will turn brown a

And time will fade beauty of my crown!

Even then I shall wait for you
With my whole heart aflame!
But if you don’t fulfill your promise
There will be no one to blame!

I dream on some day you suddenly will come,

That moment will take me away as alalia !

I desire to read your eyes, your lips
And don’t want to suffer till then from alexia!

O Poets

Dedicated to all the great poets around the world.

O Poet! Give me your pen
Give me your thoughts
What you have been gifted by God!

You are a banyan trees
And I am a little grass!

Often your leaves
Fall on me!

O Poet! Write more poetry
So that I may quench my thirst!

I am suffering from anoxia
You are oxygen to me!

I am a little candle but you are

Great figures like Apollo on The Earth!






The world of thought
The world of different outlook and view!

So many unusual charismatic thoughts
Some distracting fascinating thoughts!

So many exotic poetic thoughts
Some besotting excellent thoughts!

So many friendly nicely thoughts
Some highly divine thoughts!

Some thoughts even
Impress God !

Every thought has a different view
Every thought has an obvious value!

But my every thought turns
To You! You! And only You!




A wish


Apart from cruel love
Apart from hate
Apart from daily headache!

Apart from glamour
Apart from the false and fake!

Love to live a life
At a peaceful place!

Beauty matters a lot
Matter more love and grace!

Chirping sound of birds
Comforts my ears
No sound of crowd or cars!

Where only a thought

To live a little more chases!

Where I may smile my own smile
Where I am blessed with a pile

Of blessing.


3 thoughts on “Sumana Bhattacharjee

  1. Congratulation on being included in the galaxy of poets and enjoy the company of the great poets. Congratulation to you on your first international recognition.

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