The Devil I Paid for Advice – By Jeta Vojkollari / The Reader’s Voice – Anduena Serti

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The Reader’s Voice

 The Devil I Paid for Advice



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By Jeta Vojkollari



Anduena Serti

Anduena Serti, Core Network Specialist


First I want to thank you and congratulate you for the fine work with your novel, which accurately portrays Tirana with her lights and shadows… full of contrasts as it truly is.

To be sincere I didn’t expect to see as many characters, and for one moment I wondered whether everyone’s story would come to a conclusion.

Your novel made me see Tirana, the city where I was born and raised, in a very different light. It made me think that any day I might meet a “Moza” or a “Lul”, not knowing the battles they are facing and how the fates can be intertwined one day.

As I flipped the pages, I cannot hide that I felt warmth, rage, fear, disgust to a certain extent, and certainly love for the main characters.

It’s one of the few books written after the 90’s which gives HOPE…I like to hold on strongly to it. Look forward to reading other books from you.

P.S. I am recommending The Devil I Paid for Advice to everyone I know.


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