Poems by Maria Miraglia


Maria Miragla

Poems by Maria Miraglia




from portraits


Beautiful like a Madonna
In the land of many colors
Wrapped in red robes
From dawn to dusk
You tear off the grass
From the arid ground
Yet regal thy gait
When slowly you go
Trough the golden fields
of the ripe wheat
Under the clear sky
Breathing unaware the magic
Of the Indian air
Like a vestal of yore
Your temple the sweeping lawns
Reveal thy soulful eyes
Your sufferings and self-denials
Like an open book
The mild wind leafs through
Painted is your face
With dignity and grace
While tight closed
In your breast keeping dreams
And the many hopes
For the violated freedoms
And choked aspirations
Each of your tears
A drop of the Holy Ganga


@ Maria Miraglia
Jen, 25-2016





from portraits


Embalmed in your thoughts
surrounded by your ego
as by an iron cage
from there you witness
the marvel of the rising sun
awakened by the nightingales
and the larks’ melodies
your wings you can’t open wide
and fly at the rhythm
of their sound
nor can you at night
catch sight of the charm
of the nocturnal hours
of their wondrous colors
the magic of the air
yet when you see lovers
under the white light
of the crescent moon
tenderly each other embracing
soon arises in you
strong the wish
to catch those emotions
since long your heart
silently craves
and live them yourself
but boastful as you are
you never knew
how to conquer Love


@ Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved Jen, 24-2016

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