Poems by Hasije Selishta Kryeziu



Poems by Hasije Selishta Kryeziu



Divine smoking


The sky had read

The white letter

Cried over it

Kissed it

Shining with the sun

With the moon

The whiteness

Was not lost

By yellowness


There, where the sky kissed it

With pain

No fear

Comes to me



In silence


In my body

Is profused

With no loss

Within the deepness of the longing

Gets wet

From  the sleepless



Myself and the sky

We are deathless

We cry




The divine

White paper

By my side

In the sky

Stands pending




The Autumn of Hair


He is closed

In the Autumn

To fly away

Through the roads

The oblivion

To spread the grief

And the name



It pictures the trace

The sand of the spirit

In longing adulation

And again becomes young

Touches the start

No named freedom

In the Autumn


The rythm implants

The pulse

The Chaos

It pictures out

The view of the Autumn

At random


The Abyss

The start

Of living




The Stolen Testimony



Give a little breath

To the desolate sake


Let no face be seen

In the traces of the Bible


Do build up the portrait

Very dark

Dear God


Return back the breath

The fusty bone

The stolen testimony

Saint Mary


The depart was full of


Full of death


The crusifixion committed sin

The fire in the chest

The wind returned back

To every kiss

Break the shadow




I’m cold

In the eye of the sky



The Icon in the tombs



Dies out


For the sake of cut hair


Safeguard river Lete

The soul in an envelope

The Longing of life

Without life

St. Mary




Celestial Journey


It’s cold

The storm went to the bones


It folded for the first time

In the web of quantums of Universe

To be able to stop the hop



The old curl is broken

The hair became white


The wind took it away

It was perplexed wrongly


I escaped in my skies


In the first sky

I’ve seen the ragged hair

It was transported

From a cloud to another one

Then it was flown to the ground

The grey hair folded around the loneliness

Seraphis Bey had touched it in yellow


In the second sky

My sins were following me


‘Cause the first ray of El Morjes

Was lost

And covered with the ground of sin


In the third sky

I was still persecuted

It wanted to fill up you with mistery

Good God

Keep up the eternal virginity

Even to the end

To let not shaken

By the smell of the corpse distracted


But just like then

To talk plain



In the fourth sky

I was left alone

Having no fear of darkness


The Moon ready to disappear


I came closer to the sky

To feel the free odour

The top of the sky appreciates me

And warns of the return

And the continuation

To the fourth sky…




 An Anthem to the Sky



A wild fragrance


Something of a woman


The law of the silence


I squash the nightmare

In order to expell the demons

From my body

Thrive to commit suicide

From coldness

Even when I became mad



The feeling came around

To entertame

The december morning


The cold Anthem

Of the sky


The poorness of dissipation

Is pronounced without pain


And desparation

Of the obelisque in the sky

To approach

And stay loyal

In my corp of ashes.


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