Poems by Dr J S Anand



Poems by Dr J S Anand





I always thought
If I get flowers for my home
It will look beautiful.

I thought if I decorate myself
I will look charming.

But it was not so.

Then I brought flowers
And decorated an other home.
And instead of myself
I made an other smile.

They looked at me
And smiled.
They had seen the real charm
In me.


Dr j S anand
All rIghts reserved @2016






I look at the sun and the moon and the earth and the sky and the waters


And shake myself
Pinch my cheeks to check
I am real or just a trance

Every day I confirm
I am firm
Not a shadow
Not a dream

I am water…solid..not steam..

This crisis faces me every day
Sleep is a horrible interval.
Every morning I have to confirm

I am the same person
Who went to sleep last night.

Dr j s anand
All rights reserved @2016


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