Smile / Poems by Malsore Llapashtica


malsore llapashtica 1

Poems by Malsore Llapashtica





My smile that you see – is for you
My smile is for this foreign solder in front of me with gun make me to run from my home …..
They don’t see my favorite “frozen “movie going on – playing song ” let it go” my doll- my Mc queen cars….
We don’t like the game ” nerf guns”
I don’t know from which country he is from – why is here – what I did wrong?!!!
Let us play with our toys and dance free
My smile tells you that my heart is full of love
I don’t like that scary sounds – makes to close my ears
you can see my white ferry teeth is telling something ….
My smile on my face is fear – tears
Looking for you to react – help
I know you look picture face- my smile
makes you cry – melting your heart
And whispering ” so pity – so sad”
No !!!!
your voice is power
My smile is my arm
My smile is my message
Help me
Help my smile to change ton and you can hear all around the world …
Make my smile strong – free- just like when you tickle a baby and laughs with happy tears !!!!!

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