HE / Poems by Maria Miraglia


Maria Miragla

Poems by Maria Miraglia





Lying down in a meadow
in the warm spring sun
or on the top of mountains
in front of you an endless landscape

Upon you a clear sky
stained with white
clouds moving slowly
light as birds feathers
the wind shaking the leaves
of old trees

Small coloured florets
scattered here and there
emanating delicate scents
while hearing chearful sparrows
chirping in the air

Everything tells you
of His Presence
the birds’ melodies
the flowers parfume
the movement of the wind
enveloping you in His warm embrace

You don’t need temples or churches
it’s not in high enclosed walls
of gold and precious stones
you can find the divine

He is in the air you breath
in the children’s gaze
on the wrinkled faces of beggars
sitting at the street corners everyday
just look with your inner eye.


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