Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu


tyran prizren spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu





From the outside drowse and intrigues

Benefit and hope act

Extravagance and luxury support

Queens of the game invite.


Ranges magic ball

Roulette seduce

It is flattering

Embraces and hugs.


The dangerous driving continuous

Bonny girls serve

They re lady bag and loved

In this favor environments.


Hardly and bitterness lawyer harassing

There in the corner uncontrolled

Provides hopeful agreement

And imaginary things.



Why are you surprised o men, o loser?

Staring into kerosene lamp

You are desperate and without solution

Homeless and despised!






It was the time of patience and endurance

We all believed and hopped

Promises were staggering

Reasonable predictions


The faith ruled and directed

Waiting should have its value

I didn’t notice fraudulent smile

In the crippled blink


There were subtle feature

I’ve been hidden and resourceful

Used the momentum

I signed the letter.


The registratar stripped of dignity

Undercover law

So kind and cheater

Land devoured.


Fear from …Glory

it was x unknown to him

My words and attempting

Remainded useless wishes.




THE WAY 1999


The curved and half asphalt road

So dusty and dangerous

Narrow and mountainous

Lead the way in a dream


Starting and singing

Follows centuries dream

Mountains of eagles

Shows blessed beauty.


The echoes of Arbreshes song

Korca’s serenades

Gaiety along as airbus line

Reaches the highest imaginary.


Early hours of the morning

Bring the refreshing flavor

Suddenly silence conquers

Nails our eyes.


Remarkable beauty shines

Ilyrian Amphytheatre grips

The History and mountaineer councel.

The ancient Kingdom lives forever!






The valley stands silent and wise

Calmness is its opener

The river Lumbardhi cuddles running by

The green color reigns.


Flourishing period vitalize

The semi …darkness of the lovers smooth

Graceful couplet cope

The Princess of the town is glorified.


Centuries have ruined

Men’s hand have been missing

The valley as seaport

Still stands bravely.


Stories and numerous feuds

Spiritual storm

The Princess keeps knowledge with jealousy

Generation to generation our secrecy.


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