Poems by Maria Miraglia


maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia





Vanished into the thin air the fairy tale
of magic and princesses
of ideals and love

A daydream woven
over the time
in winter’s nights
at the sound of the winds
in summer’s eves
under blue skies
embroidered with flickering pearls
at the shade of the holm oak
down in the valley
deafened by the cicadas’ chirping

Time passes by
taking away with it
hopes and dreams
erasing old memories

New paths wind
to the common horizon
new endless meadows to cross
oceans to sail
men and women to meet
some extras
others co actors of your life
and the story goes on
other pages to write
not by your hand
the play writer unknown


By Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved April, 5 2015

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