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opal Ingram

Opal Ingram 



Opal Ingram  is a Author / Poet

From the Lower East Side NYC  currently  Resides  in Troy Ny  The Capitol  Region

Has a Poetry  Group  on face Com call @ OPAL Expression’s

And is also a member  of  100 other Poetry  Group.

Also her work can be view on Amazon  Com & you tube  under  Producer  Michael Brewster

She has one Song Write  feature  and Published  – The Woman


2 – Spoken  Word Writes Written  for Music


When I Slept  ?

Far Away

& Yesterday  – Song Write

Also in Anthology Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze

Opal Ingram  has 4 Poems Feature  along with  53 Poets & Writers Across

The Globe

Publisher – Michael  Lee Johnson

Editor  – Ken Allan Dronsfield


Also Soon To Be Feature  On Goshen  Productions


Producer  – Willie Reid

Navoh  King




Poems by Opal Ingram 



 On The Real 


On the real, like a rag

doll, pulled tugged `

with out a doubt,


A Plate Full

Of Front Game.


Dragged Kick About

Slap And Punch my

Self Esteem Was Like

Scuff Under A Dark

Rug Fill With Some

Else Dirt.


On The Real


Till I Came Out

Of My Pain.


Burry Underneath

A Coat of Lies.


On The Real


A Plate Of Front Game


With Shady Cards


Play In The Hands


Of Letters That Read




With Out

A Doubt


I Kept Silent


I felt alone




On The Real


What A Sight!


Like A Free A Mis


With A Dist


On The Real

This What I






Knock Down

Busted With




Some Days

My Eye lid


Stood Shut


Still I Stood Tall!


A Victim


Only A Glare


With A Stare`


Only A Glare


Throw Shaken


Some Days


I Thought I Step

Into Some Body





Like A Tale


I Seen It Before


Only through a


Child Eyes


But The Adult

Wore Black Shades


She Look Like A

Movie Star


But My Heart


Felt The Cover

Up The Lie


It Felt like a Beaten




Where Only Conviction


Stood Mis Understood


On The Real




Till I Came

Out Of My



One Morning


I Sat Near A Window


I Lost Everything The

Night Before


Except My Courage

And My Faith.


” Suddenly I Felt

A Verge Of Energy


It Took Me A Minute


On The Real


A Tear Roll

Down My




I Knew I Was


At Freedom Way


On The Real


I Claim It Me



I Own It

A Survivor



Opal Like A

Rag Doll


A Survivor Story.


On The Real.


Translated by Ali Osman TEZCAN

Written By Opal Ingram ©


All Rights Reserved.

@Opal Expressions~

aka poetress Mystic




Time When  It Quiet 


It  passes by so slowly

Yet so  quickly , only a

Simple  twenty four  seven


You pretend  you knew me

Well, in thought like Silence

It crawls  unexpected  some time  with needless ‘ tears

but in my mind  I feel free,

nobody sees my troubles

time creeps so slow but

can be adjust, in a second

it passes by so smoothly  like a sail boat across the

oceanfront  , time when it’s

quiet it passes by so quick

but only a simple  memory  is left, when it is quiet.



Written By-Opal Ingram  (c)

aka-Poetress  Mystic

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