Poems by Leyla Işık / Translated by Ali Osman TEZCAN

leyla isiç

Poems by Leyla Işık


Translated by Ali Osman TEZCAN



Petra’s slow kisses


A phaeton is passing at the midpoint of tha age

Its wheels are turning like” the moment”

My soul is on the travel to future ages and redness of the Sun

The wind is blwing its magic pipe

at antique PETRA which is THAMUD’ s lost city

While the history is meeting at its dusty rosie rockies.


Becoming a bird I am winging to the furthest of furthermosts;

winging by suffering  from manifold of difficulties

but also in exspectations.

The altars and also gigantic temples

Devoted to God Dusara

welcome me at the structure of velvety rockies…


While Al-Khazneh was hidden in the rocks

It awakened after hundreds of years

When traveler Jahann Burckhardt comes.


Just to defy The Sun that steals water

the soil touches to water

by the fact that rare rain glides an leaks into desert sands

A branch shoots up into its greenery.

Leaf smiles to ligt…


Vermilion deliberate horses rear up to their uninterrupted depeats

Nebateans’ tears glide from tample eaves…

Water gets dirty.

Stone sculpture glances

Transform into centuries in the dreams of Bedouin children…


Sunsets that naked for mystery  time

in the buried treasure of sufferes sorrows

stertch to As-Siq from the blue of the sky.


Petra’s slow kisses turn into golden yellow from red

while saying  farewel to the antique city


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