Torso of Joy / Poems by Menduh Leka



Menduh leka

Poems by Menduh Leka



Torso of Joy


It was too early to seduce you
It was too late when you were coming like torso ritual

Left in eclipse of feelings
Pieces of broken shadows I hold in my hands

In the realm of fortuity
You a princess in two hemispheres of solitude
A coming flirting with Time

In the relief of your profile many mountain range
So many hanging tits like a volcanic magma
Down to the end of the belly full of orgasmic echoes

I want to go deeper in your crater
And I am so passionate
I yearn for the waltz of flaming passion

Neither the landscape transforms expiration
Nor the last water was given to a cactus dream

A different shape of resin stream from your lips
Even cunt dialogizes so differently
Moreover a word that was burning in saying
For a giving
When nothing resembles anymore a relationship of taking-giving?


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