Why do you smile son? / Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker


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Poems by Sharon-Elizabeth Walker



Why do you smile son?


Why do you smile son on this the Sabath day
As we prepare for Christ’s sacrament, to be blessed?
You are a blessed and chosen soul, a spirit pure divine
For in our Heavenly Father’s plan
You chose your spirit’s path.

Concourses of angelic souls sing great hosannas to our King–
Immanuel, Christ our Lord, Jehovah Jesus, King of Kings
Beloved Only Begotten Son of God, in Heaven above.

Your smiling tells all how, see how deeply, profanely
You too love our Lord-
Your eyes shine bright, brighter than the brightest star
A true, divine testament of Christ’s love
For all our fellow man, woman and child.

Yes, life does throw out hurtful curve balls,
depths of sufferings an not compare, but
when our strugglings, sorrows and sufferings compared
side by side with Christ’s…
The Spirit of God Eternal softens our hearts,
our minds, our souls
to what eternally counts.

So, yes my son, beloved I recognise the reason
For your smiles this Sabbath day.
As we prepare for Christ’s blessed sacrament,
To stand
Be counted amongst concourses of angels
Singing hosannas to our Lord, God and King.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2016


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