FIVE ENCOUNTERS / Short storie by Asror Allayarov

Asror Allayarov

Asror Allayarov


Asror Allayarov was born in Uzbekistan. He worked as an editor-in-chief for several newspapers.

He honored “Golden Pen” award with “Kashkadarya” newspaper colleague organized by Uzbekistan Journalists Union. He won “Youth life in media” prize in journalism in 2010.

Asror gained “Sahitya Sree” and “Shan-E-Adab” literary awards organized by India Intercontinental Cultural Association in 2013, 2014.  He edited “Uzbek Writers’ Anthology” published in India. His first short stories collections “A Decision” published in the USA in 2014 (Available most famous online stores).  This book translated into Japanese by “BUYMA Books” publishing house and published in Japan in 2015.

Asror’s short stories and poems were published in Bulgaria, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Cuba, USA, Kyrgyzstan, Japan, Serbia, India, Bangladesh, Argentina, Canada, Chile.

His creative works translated in English, French, Italian, Philippines, Persian, Turkish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Kyrgyz, Karakalpak, Japanese, Slovenian, Vietnamese and Albanian.





Gazing at Gulruh opa[1]’s face, with winkles linking her brows, one might think that she is over eighty, however, she is only fifty-six. And he who has an interest in her life thinks that nothing but loneliness, the most severe punishment for women, could ruin her so soon.

The doctor agreed to perform her leg operation for 1,400,000 soums. As she was returning from the hospital with a pensive air, the noise of a taxi, stopped right in front of her, scattered her thoughts. Glancing at the driver made her flesh creep somehow. The same thing had happened as she saw the doctor. The taxi-driver asked for double fare. He coaxed her money out of that little old woman easily.

Gulruh opa decided to have a snack in a café near her apartment. A waiter led her to a table in the corner. The woman ordered a slice of bread and chalob[2]. But she had to pay double to the waiter.

Gulruh opa noticed some one pulling her purse out of her bag when she was stepping along the street towards her flat. She could not run after the thief, neither could she resist him. But, on turning back she felt that the young man’s appearance was familiar. The woman stopped when she got to a pavement near the apartment in which she lived. Her eyes were failing and becoming more dull day after day, her legs did not obey her. A pretty girl with plaited hair approached the woman and took her hands gently. The girl gave her a bright smile. Gulruh opa gave a sudden start, as if God held her hands. The eyes of the girl reminded the woman of somebody. The girl helped her to cross the road.

On entering home, Gulruh opa kneeled as usual before the photos of five babies, hung on the wall for twenty years. All of those babies were her children. She conceived them with her lover when she was young, and sold them to childless families for heaps of money. As she grieved before them, she felt that she accidentally met all of her five children this day.


[1] Opa: sister; if it comes with a name of a woman, it expresses respect.

[2] Soft drink of sour milk or souzma (sour milk, strained out of water), mixed water and chunks of ice.


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