“Hélène Cardona (Poet) Hollywood star and World Union of Poets AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD” / Constantin SEVERIN



“Hélène Cardona (Poet) Hollywood star and World Union of Poets AMBASSADOR TO THE WORLD”


There are few visionnary poets in our time, who learned to contemplate the world with the ’’eyes of heart’’ and Hollywood star, award-winning poet and linguist Hélène Cardona is a brilliant representative of them. A follower of some giants of poetry and thinking, like Blake or Rilke, she seeks the patterns of the invisible world, the old archetypes situated beyond time. This is a vision close to my art concept of archetypal expressionism, the quest for common cultural roots beyond the tragic accidents of history.

Hélène Cardona’s atemporal poetry is rich in meanings, vivid and very expressive; every poem has the architecture of a secret temple and to build it in ’’a language older than time’’ you need rigor and mystery, arithmetic and lyricism, simplicity and paradox. Dream, light and music seem to be the primary laws to put together such a unique poetic universe, in which ’’all is light and legend’’, a true copy of our innner world. To explore the inner universe was also a major task for Blake and Rilke, in order to look for the secret geometry of our spirituality. Like her masters, Hélène Cardona is convinced that all creative process begins with a dream, a spiritual insight, a true big-bang of creation and ends in the mystery of time: ’’The dream opens forgotten realms of creation/I think that’s what time is.’’ Time as an essence of creation is also a key to Bergson’s philosophy and I’m sure that Hélène loves his work. I wonder if a contemporary American poet could write such visionary poetry. This could be a spiritual herritage of Old Europe and we know that Hélène Cardona has a Greek mother and a Spanish father. America and Europe have a specific relationship with time and space, maybe Old Europe is a civilization of temporal senses, marked by the impalpable, the immaterial, the unstable, by the inwardness of metaphysics and America belongs to a civilization of spatial senses, with the stress on wholeness, matter, equilibrium, outward and pragmatism. Time means succession, and space is characterized by simultaneity. One might say American people have the genius of space (virtual reality, without temporal dimension, which is apparent in the USA) and European people the genius of time.

’’….discover that in dreaming/lies the healing of earth,’’ writes the poet. She seems to say that “Dreaming will save the world” as once Fyodor Dostoyevsky asserted that “Beauty will save the world.” Hélène Cardona’s illuminating words longing for crystalline temples, fairy tales, ambrosia, mythological birds, lilac sonatas, sirens, figures from Greek mythology, magic flutes, myriad books, metamorphic frontiers, are in their essence a ’’fairy dance/poetic memory/alive’’.


Constantin SEVERIN



Hélène Cardona’s site:



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