Adriana Girolami

Adriana Girolami

Adriana Girolami


Born in Italy near Rome, Adriana’s artistic inclination as a graphic illustrator, author, and lifelong lover of the written word was nurtured by the ancient beauty of her native country. As a child, her parents encouraged her to read, and books were always available in her home. Her mother Lena was an avid reader who inspired Adriana by her example, favoring distinguished historical authors such as Alessandro Manzoni, Sir Walter Scott, and Adriana’s personal favorite, Alexander Dumas.Adriana immigrated with her family to the United States following her father’s untimely death.

She attended The Art Students League in New York City and eventually embarked on a career as a portrait artist and illustrator. She found her profession satisfying, but craved the freedom of the written word, remembering all those wonderful and exciting books that stimulated her imagination as a child.In her spare time Adriana enjoys physical activities. She jogs faithfully, plays racquet ball and has a black belt in Kenpo karate. She loves to travel and has visited many different countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and Africa. She currently lives in Florida with her husband Raymond and their son Alex.




The Crimson Amulet

(The Templar Trilogy Book 2)


The Crimson Amulet, follows Polyxena of Nemours, Duchess of Lorengard-Lorraine as she is kidnapped by Lord Zanar Mutamin, Sheik of Hasssan el Cabir. Does the mysterious and handsome lord of the desert fall in love with the beautiful Polyxena?

What evil awaits her at the mysterious castle of his elusive grandmother Camilla guarded by an aerie of a thousand vicious attack eagles? What revenge does she harbor against Polyxena and the House of Nemours? Will the long running hatred of the Muslims for Christians and the Templars rekindle the flames of the Crusades?

What is the crimson amulet and why is it so evil? Find out only in the second exciting novel in the TEMPLAR TRILOGY.



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