Poems by Opal Ingram


opal Ingram

Poems by Opal Ingram





Deep in my soul
As i stand wide
Awake, I hear the
Rain falling and the
Winds blowing.

I See
Nothing against my window pane

I Wonder
Who has seen the wind?

It hides
But It there,

As I gaze’ at the sky
I see the rain ,I feel
The breeze through
My window pane.

My strength Is My


Written By ‘ Opal Ingram (c)
The Woman

@Opal Expressions

aka – Poetress Mystic




I Stood Still


It Made My
Inner Temperature

Sizzling Delicious

Like A Rhythm
Feice And Fast

My Body

What A Sensual Place
To Be.


Like A Tease

Making My Inner Temperature
. .Rise ,,

Like A
Feirce And Fast.

My Pulse
At Its Highest

Sending A Tease

Within Its Highest Peaks“`

Simply Delicious.


Written By: Opal Ingram©


Pen Ink.Name `
aka/’ Poetress Mystic

@Opal Expressions~



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