Poems by Arianita Hoxha / Translated by Fatbardha Sulaj



Poems by Arianita Hoxha




For you, mother


You came to me in my dream again, mother

The longing for you startled my sleepy heart

I woke up and called your name like I used to as a child

While tears, coming down my face river-like


I often wake up in the night

And I search for you with all my heart and soul

Mother you are the longest of all longings

God, how far away the day I’ll see you again seems


You’re always smiling at me from the photograph

You look so young and so beautiful mother

I call out for you in vain

Mother, I have so much to say


And I talk to the photo in the middle of the night

Mother my soul needs you right now

Years and time have gone by

And I miss you, oh I miss you so much


I cry and tell you how sorry I am

I will always long for and greatly miss you

I curse at myself tonight though

For not being able to give you life from my own.




Swallow in December


So cold  this  end of December

I wonder he comes today differently

Fearlessly from cold- tweeted, a swallow

Tweeting , and I don’t understand

That her eyes are filled with tears

I open the door invited it with warmth

But to convince it I can’t .


Tell me, as winter  arrives,  tell me how

Long way as you turn please how will  you tell me

He raised his eyes with wonder  to the nest

Silent. Without words.

In  autumn,  I had forgotten the birds

I don’t know if they’ll survive.


I heard a native voice

‘’This swallow, once a child’’

Flown around the world

Wings beaten to go home

The moment that she  expected

Snowflakes  on the balcony

Down, a gift come true.


Birdie had grown, he had learned to fly

A miracle that heaven sent

He listened to his mother

So as before of me they lost in blue sky,

The whole world stopped

When mother and sons started to fly.






Feelings remained how abandoned coves

with lighthouses off

where only the moon shines


Where kisses may arrive

from far away land

where the sun shines

just like what you see


At dawn,  sailboat I have to send

To the ocean

I will convey

there, where you have left

with commodity

I will  pray

the body will not forget

as heart beats.



Fatbardha sulaj

Translated by Fatbardha Sulaj





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