IN SEARCH OF LOST PEACE…. / by Nargues Mohammadi…(translation of Dr. J. S Anand’s BLISS in Persian)




nar ciz


IN SEARCH OF LOST PEACE….  /  By : Nargues Mohammadi…(translation of Dr. J. S Anand’s BLISS in Persian







Nar Ciss [Prof. Nargues Mohammadi who has translated Dr. J.S. Anand’s magnum opus of spirituality: BLISS: THE ULTIMATE MAGIC into Persian and published it under the title IN SEARCH OF LOST PEACE. Prof. Nargus Mohammadi is a faculty of Mashad University, Iran, and came into contact with the Indian master 7 years back. When she got into his book Bliss, which was highly impressed by his thought. Her mother, who was ailing, found some lines from the book so inspiring that she asked Nargues to write those sentences in front of her sick bed, so that she could always read those lines. Then, the mother suggested to Nargues, why dont you translate this book so that our people could also benefit from it. THUS, started the journey of BLISS into IN SEARCH OF LOST PEACE. Nargues, who has done Masters in translation, had to spend more than two years to translate the book into Persian. Her dream has come true. The book is at the book stalls and having nice marketing. Congratulations Nargues for this ground breaking work. Because, previously, as Principal Niranjan Tasneem, who has written the Foreword for the translated version in Persian, remarks, it was the Persian texts which were translated into Punjabi and introduced Rumi and other spiritualists to the Indian readers. This is the first time that a Punjabi’s book has travelled back to the Land of Rumi with its spiritual message. Nargues is now translating another book of Dr. J.S. Anand, entitled, I Belong to You, also a spiritual text. Dr. J.S. Anand is an international author, poet, scholar, philosopher. The other works of Dr. Anand which have clicked with the readers are BEYOND LIFE BEYOND DEATH, THE APOCALYPSE, BURNING BRIGHT, BEYOND WORDS, A MILLION DESTINIES.. [more can be seen on, and].



jernail S Anand

Dr. Jernail Singh Anand


Dr Jernail Singh Anand, [India b. 1955]] was recently honoured with CROSS FOR PEACE for his Lifetime Achievement in the field of Poetry and Peace by World Union of Poets, Italy. Dr. Anand is an internationally acclaimed poet, author, scholar, philospoher and spiritualist, with more than 35 books of English poetry, prose, fiction, non-fiction and spirituality, to his credit. Dr. Anand is an INNOVATOR in the field of CRITICAL THEORY. He has evolved the theory of BIOTEXT which has altered held positions with Deleuze and Bakhtin. This theory, developed by Dr. Roghayeh Farsi, Univ. of Neyshabur, Iran, in her book J.S. ANAND’S THOERY OF BIOTEXT AND CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES ON HIS POETIC AND SPIRITUAL CREED, is based on his book of critical essays entitled ‘CREATIVE CONSCOIUSNESS’ . Dr. Anand’s book of spirituality BLISS, which has found comparision with Khalil Gibran’s ‘The Prophet’, and recognized for its healing qualities as a spiritual text,   has been translated into Persian by Prof. Nargues Mohammadi from Univ. of Mashad, Iran. Anand’s poetical work ‘Beyond Life Beyond Death’ was compared with T.S. Eliot’s great work ‘The Wasteland’. Keeping in view his multi-dimensioal work in Poetry, Peace and Spirituality, Dr. Anand was recently elevated as AMBASSADOR to the World Union of Poets, Italy. Dr. Anand is also Chairperson of World Foundation for Peace, and Writers International Foundation.

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