Poems by Adolf Shvjedçikov (Russia)



Poems by Adolf Shvjedçikov  (Russia)



The woman whom I love


You are the woman whom I love!

You are sensitive, tender, innocent,

You open gates of paradise.

I look into your amorous eyes

Burning with hidden desire!

I am dying and returned from dead,

I adore you, I worship you,

The woman whom I love!



My heart sang as before


My heart sang as before.

Sinking in a semi forgotten dream

I had fallen in love as in my youth.

My old body was young again.

I drank the sweet fraud of illusion.

The sun had dropped,

But the sunset glowed yet,

And I was glad to feel

That I was still alive!



When your desires are only desires


When your desires are only desires,

When the words are only words,

Who will inflame our lives

Without the fire from wood?

When you have no more aspiration,

The stream of threadbare words

Will never be replaced by a fire of love!



The poet looks like a madman


The poet looks like a madman.

He invites us to his strange world

And sometimes de does not know

Exactly his real path.

There is no prohibition on his imagination.

At times he is like a prophet among ruins,

Wandering through a wasteland

Illuminating the path by own light!





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