Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis (Philippines)


ceri 6

Poems by Caroline Nazareno-Gabis  (Philippines)



Heart and home


I used to travel a lot,


Have met strangers in a tree house

At the bay-walk, on a busy street, at the pub

On a sky-train, inside a coffee shop

Faces chiseled with grim, smiles or doubts

But when I met you,

I found my real home.


I am nothing

A traveler of time and distance

Being connected from atoms and storms

Of memories

Sometimes it turns as

Revived must haves

My happiness and satisfaction

Is when I know you’re coming

To fetch me

From my heart to yours

I have more than enough.




The Milestone



From the sanctions

And skeletons

Of memories



By demised

And deflated hope




Of boundaries

And chambers

Of mending


Far-gone and fallen

Contours of passion

And feigned liberty


At the sundown

Of a vision,

Was a breathing nose

Of strength

And radiating fingers

Of time


The milestone

Of the rising




In the blindness of light


I have rehearsed reading

Through the spectrum

Wrapping the circle of fire

I can feel your deep breaths

Pushing upon the depths

Of my bare skin


Each jiffy reminds me

The spotlight before my very eyes

The enigmatic touch of your smiles

Each drop of endless droplets

Of unchanged royal sun

Igniting the love of my life


I have stolen the wavelengths

Rushing, flashing, blinding me

Bedazzled with the unfading distant stars

From the remnants of dark mist

That we both kissed

Until forever

Unveiling the mirrors of the day

The rebirth of our yesterday





(metaphors and rules )


Drinking this verbing psalmic rum

Blood warming purple plum

Wiggling, twisting on a couch

Smooching luscious thirsty mouth

It’s going to be a steamy night

Scenes rolling blinding-sight

Passionate tremors sending

Like tiny letters and litters gasping

The eyes, the nose, the cheeks, the broad breasts, the lips

Murmurs of limericks!


Down and deep, squirming hips

Sucking those iambic tricks

Jolts rhyming the heartbeats

The strokes enticing like heavenly treats

Each delicious inch of words

Rocking to the edge and over

Clutching these holy metaphors

Inside a penetrating force

Riding the guru’s sonnets and allegories

Freezing hypnotizing parodies

Panting from the ecstasy of poetic stories


Romancing the imageries in pure

Snowy surreal engulfing figure

Loving the way getting into the fire

Delighting my wavy lonely wire

Hoarding robbing my whole

As I’m reading the author’s soul.




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