Poems by Maria Miraglia ( Italy)

 maria miraglia

Poems by Maria Miraglia ( Italy)



Boastful man

-from portraits-



Embalmed in your thoughts

Surrounded by your ego

As by an iron cage

From there you witness

The marvel of the rising sun

Awakened by the nightingales

And the larks’ melodies

Your wings you can’t open wide

And fly at the rhythm

Of their sound

Nor can you at night

Catch sight of the charm

Of the nocturnal hours

Of their wondrous colors

The magic of the air

Yet when you see lovers

Under the white light

Of the crescent moon

Tenderly each other embracing

Soon arises in you

Strong the wish

To catch those emotions

Since long your heart

Silently craves

And live them yourself

But boastful as you are

You never knew

How to conquer Love.







Like the scent

Of the inner core

Of flowers

In endless lawns

Picked at dawn

When just bloomed

And the sunrays

Have not yet spoiled

Their purity

Untouched their freshness

Their fragrance that

Experts hands

Mercilessly will steal

And enclose in small

Pots of precious glasses.

Rare is true forgiveness as

Rare the essence

Of the most precious


And tuberoses.




Write for me


Write for me

A love poem

When the moon

Her maids calls to clothe

With shining pearls

The dark dome

Write for me

A love poem

When the winds

Gently move the treetops

Playing romantic serenades

Write for me

Words of love

When the waves

Like joyful children

Each other chase


At the first lights of dawn

Whisper to the finches and sparrows

Your most beautiful rhymes

Of love

As messengers they’ll come

To my window

Singing their songs

To tell me of you

Collect for me

The sweetest words of love

When the morning dew

Gently awakens

With its light touch

The still drowsy flowers

In the endless fields

And still write for me

Words of love

When the sky on the horizon

In its endless embraces

The sky kisses.





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