June in Italy / By Claudia Piccinno

June in Italy




By Claudia Piccinno


On June 4, 2016 the first edition of June in Italy was inaugurated at  Artebo Gallery, San Petronio Vecchio , 8 street  in Bologna at the presence of so many artists and cheered from the music of  the two flutist  Paolo Pozzi and Antonio Lorenzoni .

When Roberto Lacentra involved me in this project , despite I’m not a member of ARTEBO  nor  am I an art expert , I immediately thought it could become an opportunity  of growth.

As a teacher of  inclusion (so some colleagues call me), Ihave  always encouraged every expressive mode allowing my students to use any language: iconic, mimic, gestural, putting them on a par level with the verbal one.

This is because I firmly believe in the pedagogical, relational and cathartic value  of each art form.

The art in fact, as claimed by my friend Montacchiesi, intervenes where faith and reason do not find a way out, and it becomes like Ariadne’s thread in the labyrinth.

Out of the maze, that is, the homologation to which the global society of our times forces us, it is necessary to rediscover our uniqueness.

Art helps us in the inner search, reconciles us with the instincts and intuition, it purifies us from the conditioning and while it bares us, it shows the limits and potential of every individual.

The art becomes a bridge between peoples, it weaves relationships and brings us closer to our “sacred little” (to allude with Pasolini,to  the inner wealth of every individual), without dwelling on the mask, on the stereotypes that make the person and imprison him in social categories.

And under the arcades of Bologna, the red and the learned, we have brought together not only European countries, but the continents. There were in fact Melinda Barwanietz Bezeredy from Germany, Alice Alicja Cieliczka, Polish but she lives in Rome, Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano, multifaceted artist from Cuba, Anneli Francis, Finnish artist, Lea Dolinsky arrived from Israel with its sculptures, Jani Jan austrian award-winning artist living in Greece,Ileana Haber from France , also among the friends there were representatives of Venezuela, Eritrea and Moldova. Less numerous the Bolognesi, despite we had the patronage of the Municipality, but we trust in a higher sensitivity in the coming days, as the exhibition will be open every afternoon until June 18, from 16.00 to 20.00.

The poets and artists taking part to the catalogue  were not all present to the exhibition, but reading their biography you can see their cultural depth and their geographical distance .

It is no a coincidence , therefore, the involvement of artists and poets from different latitudes , as it is not accidental the invitation of Cheikh Gaye Tydiane as guest of honor .



Who is Cheikh? He is a poet, but not only a poet.


Cheikh reveals in his writing , and it shows every day in his life path , that the function of art , music , literature is not only a meeting point between an instrumental skill and an interpretation skill , but it is mainly a recovery tool of identity and of enhancement of the plurality of identities .

There can not be an integration between the nations flattening identities or pretending that there is a unique identity . Every people has its own, each individual is a carrier of differences that should be known and valued .

A peaceful coexistence among people it is impossible without a  real knowledge that uproot prejudice.

In order that this knowledge became true, wet must return equal dignity to all cultures .

In his book ” Take what you want , but leave me my black skin” it is evident that thought which I fully support .

I am glad that ARTEBO has accepted the proposal to recognize the intercultural commitment of Cheikh poetic, and indisputableis its literary merit , so it  has been for me a great honor to give him a small souvenir of the evening.




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