Woke up this morning with the voice’s whispers in my ears

led me to that mirror

I saw humans brothers and sisters

I saw the wars everywhere

I saw the strong eating the weak

I saw friend betrays his friends

and I saw racism still stand tall between us

terrorists menacing everywhere

where is the bright future for us ?

I’m not the messenger

I’m not an angel

I’m not perfect

I’m just a human who fells the taste of defeat

try to change the situation

through that faint voice

I look like a blind who walks in daylight

policy made us enemies

and we forgot we are from one race

humans, brothers and sisters

I wonder

where did the white dove gone!






Bring me back to my town

where  I belong

I missed all

my friends

my childhood

and all the walls

it was so wonderful

and now all is destroyed

like never  was

my town

my town

my town

I try to scream so loud

but no one hears

my tears


I still have just the memories

from the past lives on my mind

my stories with my neighbors  are  gone

and  every innocent  kid

their dreams were  raped

children dies

and history like never exits

I’m just a number now

without identifity

like  a dead man

counting the stars in the sky

waiting the consciences

to hear their  cries

and their pains

to hold them again

and lead them to their town.






The birthplace

it was like kissing life

hello world glad to be here

and looking to the life

it’s looking so beautiful

as if I will live so long

Hello world

I know  I am here for many reasons

my birth was;

but not to destroy  life

or share the evil

I’m glad to be here

and to meet  the world

to live

in harmony with all

to love all

without looking  the religions

or races

and to share the smiles with all

like we are one.


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