Duality of Darkness / Poems by SWANSH

 Poems by  SWANSH



Duality of Darkness


Darkness expresses itself in numbness

Numbness of senses and of existences

Existences that throng shores relentless

Relentless cause the hunger never dies

Dies the life out of frustration and anger

Anger bearing imprints of darkness

Darkness of ignorance and of stubbornness

Stubbornness against the needs to open

Open the mind to receive the abundance

Abundance that nature bestows in kindness

Kindness that goes unnoticed through fear

Fear of not being able to save self

Self that is full of selfishness and devoid

Devoid of faith and trust and love

Love that doesn’t ask anything

Anything that love has is but life

Life that only shines through acknowledgement

Acknowledgement and honouring without

Without that gives us a meaning within

Within there shimmers a dim light

Light that says Yes darkness is there

There it is and here i am to enlighten

Enlighten the very moments waiting

Waiting to be accepted and lived on.





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