Poems by Opal Ingram

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Poems by Opal Ingram




 Spaces In Time 


Like A River Climbing
Along Its Way.

Spaces In Time`

With A Delightful

With Only
A Peer Through

Of A Twist
And A Turn

Felt On A

Spaces In Time

Set In A Romance

Like A River Climbing
Along its Way.

A Flow
Seductively Wrap`

Up In A Essence
Of A Emotion

A Feel
Of Passion,

Spaces In Time

But Close

In A Space.



Spaces In Time.



© Opal Ingram

Poetress Mystic – aka

@Opal Expressions~

August 11 2015




The Awakening


To the midday` the awakening

Of a continuation, what was
brought from long ago, 400
years into the new millennium
right now.

A continuation not to forget
who pave the way?

But to press to forward,

A Step triumphant , with a
triumphant walk to the journey
ahead“ what was brought long

Up in the 1800 into the interbellium
generation, on to the silent generation
through the baby boomers generation
on to the right now , generation a` continuation.

The journey to be free , the awakening

To embrace the journey press forward
To the midday the awakening.



Written By – Opal Ingram ©

@Opal Expressions

November 11 / 2015




A Light Through


A light through, ” I travel up yonder
way, with all I had` like a wondering
soul, I kept calm I was tired , a little

I sat still on yonder way` with my head
held high, with only my thoughts convey.

” A few miles futher down the road the
train station was, despite the bleakness
of the shabby road, there was a bench
overlooking the road. my nerves were
shattered I had a breathless moment.

A light through peer in my eye`, I lowered
my head, I wanted to weep but I knew I
had to be strong` I travel up yonder way`
with all I had.

The light was getting brighter ` I sat down
on the bench, to get some rest for my weiry
legs, I sat still` on yonder way. with my head held high,` with only my thoughts
convey a light through.



Opal Ingram ©

@Opal Expressions





The Soul


Destiny Within

The Soul Life

Hidden Deep





aka/ Poetress Mystic

@Opal Expressions~


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