Poems by Aziza Dahdouh

Aziza - 1


Poems by Aziza Dahdouh





Iam here

and sometimes there

Iam going nowhere

Don’t panic

If you don’t find me

nor here

nor there

Iam certainty in the

middle of them

Don’t worry!!




My little girl


That’s my little girl

How do they dare

and leave her alone

In that land

bring me ..

That Innocent kid

I will refuge her

Inside my womb

Iam longing

To bathe her

Feed her

hug her

Cherish her

Put her in her

magical bed!!

Bring me

my little girl

I will make her

Forget that

harsh world.




My other me



who resides inside me

who pretends to be me

You…the other me

I don’t recognize You !

Since when have you

invaded me?

Don’t believe that

You are same as me

My immune system has

rejected you

You are an unwelcome


We are different

as day and night

Iam the rain


you are the desert

You are called the depression

and iam called the sunlight

You are surely

an illegal immigrant

I’ll declare you

to the authorities

To my mind, soul and heart

You have a unique option

To fix your position


leave immediately

to your homeland!



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