DEALING WITH THE INNOCENT / Poems by Dr. Jernail S. Aanand


jernail S Anand

Poems by Dr. Jernail S.  Aanand





The child did not respond..
Just looked at me
With a vacant stare
And started crying…

I had looked at him
Like an intellectual.

Then I turned a politician
And tried to set him a smile
But he was not amused
Crying again…

I argued with him
Like a lawyer that when a person
Wants him to smile
A smile back is most civilized way.

The stare was still vacant.
Crying goes on

My wife enters the scene
Why are you scaring him?
She throws off her years
Sets her own face asmile
Leaves aside her age
And turns a child.

With a twisted face
Eyes full of wonder
And lips uttering abnormalities
She kisses the child
And sets him smiling.

I stand beside stupefied.


Dr j s aanand
All rights reserved @2016


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