Poems by Opal Ingram


Poems by Opal Ingram





shall I wonder
the thought
of my soul’
radiant as
the sun’
shall I
,as my
Into a
the thought
of my soul’
radiant as
the sun’
all it is
life towards
the dawn’
as the ,sunrise
shall I wonder
the thought of
my soul’


© copyright\2014
all rights reserved

Written By/Opal Ingram

@Opal Expressions




The Dance


Step In Step

As I Dance With You
Like Air Flowing

I Linger Lanquishly
With The Music

With My Steps

My Mind
In.A Complete
Stage Of Ambience

I hear The Beat

With A House Beat
With A Jazzy Flair

Blended With A Drummer

As We Twrill
And Whrill
Into A Spin

Into A Love Dance
We Slide Across
The Floor, We
Put Ourselves
Into A Moment
Of Complete Essences

I Hear The Drummer
Beat As Your Hips
Move Side To Side

A Rapture Exquisite
And Slow With A
Melody Of The
Music Blended
With A Saxophone
And A Drummer Beat

With A House Beat`

Step By Step~

As I Dance With




Written By : Opal Ingram ©


Pen Ink Name / aka :’ Poetress Mystic
@Opal Expressions

July 5 2015


2 thoughts on “Poems by Opal Ingram

  1. These poems are honestly cringe worthy. Opal, you need help writing and I sincerely hope to your non existent gods that this is either a joke or a huge slip up by the editors here.

    Even if you’re esl, this is not good writing. You need help!!!!!!

    • Thank you for comment Matt
      I do not like Every body Poetry
      Either , there a Million Writers
      In the Universe it great everybody
      Do not write the same,

      Thank you for your feed back
      I guess I will not expect you to
      Buy My Literature If Happens
      To be In a Book Store In Your

      Just Saying Why dont you check
      The Album I am feature In my Voice
      You Might like ?

      If you do
      Leave a comment if you happen to buy
      The Album

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