Lily Swarn



Lily Swarn


Lily Swarn recently won the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016 and was recognised by the World Union Of Poets as Global Poet Of Peace and Universal Love. She is a post graduate in English from Panjab university and has taught degree classes.




A gold medalist and a university colour holder for dramatics and histrionics, she was the editor of the college magazine and also wrote middles for newspapers! Poetry as passion blossomed after her young son’s sudden demise in 2013. She writes with a poignant touch both in English, Hindi and Urdu .Her weekly column Cantonment Calling is highly popular . Lily’s poems can be read in many anthologies and have recently been translated into Italian too. She is widely read in the internationally famous and Poem Kubili .  Her work had been recognised as explosive, outstanding and powerful by Heart and Soul poetry group and they often turn their spotlight on it . Her Facebook profile has many followers. Married to an army veteran and she lives in Chandigarh , India .





Lily win the Reuel International Prize for Poetry 2016.


” It’s a moment that comes but rarely in an ordinary mortal’s lifetime . I am counting my blessings with deep humility in my heart and immense gratitude . Thank you all who read me with interest and appreciation! It hones my writing efforts !
Thanksgiving to the group ,The Significant League , which is full of the brightest poets I know . Respectful thanks to Dr Koshy , Santosh Bakaya , Reena Prasad , Anna Gabriel Koshy and all those who applauded my poetry !
Much love and blessings for Reuel ,who was always in my mind as I wrote . Hoping for milestones in the research for Autism .
Thrilled to share my certificate for the Reuel International prize for writing and literature!!! “


lily 1

Lily Swarn






Roses & Rhymes




Colours of refuge



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