The hands that are pledged / Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy



Poems by Biswarup Sinha Roy



The hands that are pledged


Fanatics yarning unscrupulous thoughts

round the clock round the year

have befriended murky hideouts

head held high at midnight

drooped down in the Sun

mustering fresh bloods

combing every nook and corner


especially targeting the odd ones

amidst the normal lot

either half starved with broken dream

father lying in death bed

or mom searching for customer

standing in a dingy lane with melted makeover


parents sacrificing their own piece of heart

swearing in the name of god to those

have never read over the holy book

for once at least


The tender hands that should have been adorned

with pen and paper now well versed in the game of blood

but when fingers are no more on trigger

eyes are not fixed on target

when day long hectic schedul craves for respite

mind traverse back to the patched up shanty

can see father writhing in pain

mom limping back home exhausted empty hand


childhood wakes up in the sniper stir felt inside

but in no time he kills his emotion cuddling his assault

‘cuz he has no option other than keeping

both side commitment

his master and his family


Biswarup Sinha Roy(C)08/07/2016


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