Poems by Bam Dev Sharma


Poems by Bam Dev Sharma





After the humming bees are gone
the forlorn daisy
is in fidget
to coax with the wind
bidding : “Do not be so indifferent to me!”

The autumnal light
when summer shower
begins to soak
the dry parched grass
sprinkling passionate love
spewing out
over the tender foliage.

The glaring moon
tender light
over the luscious meadows
invigorated by fireflies
pranced of brimful smile
love with ecstasy
to pierce through
every soul !





Blue and red butterflies
the blooming buds
sticking their legs
with fluttering wings
and sucking
the nectar
after the splashing wind
lets all flowers
thud onto the land.

Exalting suck
squeezes buds
to be wailing
but balmy sun light soon
turns them
vigilant and profuse
with renewed vigor
for many butterflies
to dart across.

So goes
contraction and expansion
in our life
like a bud
before a splashing wind
to make us bygone mystery
pervasive in worldly garden !



The Moon on the Lap


The tress stand
like coy mistress
waiting for her beloved
and the wary birds
make musing sounds
resounding in the air.

The grass is
covered with grey mist and
silver canopy
coaxing with the serene sky
as if there were
unspoken words
to vibrate as lightening
splashing poised dreams.

The hills in distance
try to desperately poke the horizon
in profound gaze
when yellowish rays
surcharge in joy
and the winter snow
gets reflected in gleam.

The furtive moon appears
in her gay apparel
as speckled over the blue sky
and the night furls
expanding over the woods
carrying the moon on the lap.


Copyright by:
Bam Dev Sharma
July 15, 2016



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